Toy-Box's first album, Fantastic, included the hits "The Sailor Song", "Teddybear", "Best Friend" and "Tarzan & Jane." It was released in January 1999.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Toy-Box Pictures Presents" (0:38)
  2. "The Sailor-Song" (3:04)
  3. "Best Friend" (3:28)
  4. "Tarzan & Jane" (3:04)
  5. "E.T." (3:40)
  6. "Teddybear" (4:14)
  7. "Super-Duper Man" (3:17)
  8. "I Believe in You" (3:29)
  9. "Earth, Wind, Water & Fire" (3:36)
  10. "What About" (3:40)
  11. "Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo" (3:17)
  12. "A Thing Called Love" (3:16)
  13. "Sayonar (Goodbye)" (3:25)

Toy-Box videos Edit

Toy-Box released music videos for "The Sailor Song", "Best Friend", "Tarzan and Jane", and "Teddy Bear." Most of Tox-Boxes videos could be considered cartoonish, but "Teddy Bear" is a more serious video. While "Best Friend" features Amir and Anila having a light saber fight and turning into little fuzzy balls, "The Sailor Song" showed a man flying off a boat, and "Tarzan and Jane" featured live monkeys and elephants in a cartoon parody, "Teddy Bear" is set in Paris and showed Amir and Anila in a more romantic way than the other videos.

Singles Edit

  • "The Sailor Song"
  • "Best Friend"
  • "Tarzan And Jane"
  • "Teddy Bear"
  • "Radu Rocks"
  • "Cassexy"

External links Edit

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