Artist: Aesop Rock

Date Released: February 22, 2005

Label: Def Jux

Produced By:


  1. Fast Cars
  2. Number Nine
  3. Zodiaccupuncture
  4. Holy Smokes
  5. Winners Take All
  6. Rickety Rackety feat. Camu Tao & El-P
  7. Food, Clothes, Medicine


God knows how Ian Bavitz aka Aesop Rock became an indie hip-hop superstar. The NYC shut-in owns little more than a couch, a TV and the ability to take the cynical world he sees through his unblinking eyes and transcript it into breathtaking rap songs. Following up Bazooka Tooth, which many fans saw as a step backwards, this EP should silence any of the lost followers as the literate baritone not only continues to drop the smartest lyrics in the game but also polish his production skills. He produces three of the tracks (3, 6 and 7) while Blockhead, the genius minimalist beat-maker behind Float and Labor Days, handles three (1, 2 and 4) and the up and coming Rob Sonic lays down track 5. As the title suggests, the EP is not as serious as the previous releases, but this is still Aesop so expect there to be wordy, incomprehensible rhymes and pages upon pages of lyrics. This is definitely still the MC that turned me and thousands of other introspective young adults on to the possibilities of hip-hop. I mean how could you hate on someone who names their EP Fast Cars though does not own a car, calls his mom, Momsop Rock and thanks The Mountain Goats in his liner notes? There is also a limited edition of the EP that includes an 87-page booklet with the previously unreleased lyrics from all of his previous albums starting with Float. Michael Ardaiolo

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