Artist: Pedro

Date Released: October 25, 2004

Label: Melodic

Produced By:


  1. Fear & Resilience (Prefuse 73)
  2. Fear & Resilience (Cherrystones)
  3. Fear & Resilience (Danger Mouse)
  4. Fear & Resilience (Pedro)
  5. Fear & Resilience (Home Skillet)
  6. Untitled
  7. Fear & Resilience (Four Tet)


Some fans of the folktronica genre may have sorely overlooked Pedro’s early work, but this is proof that the main producers in that scene were certainly tuned into their competition. This EP features six reworkings/remixes of Fear & Resilience, the best track from Pedro’s self-titled full-length from six top-notch producers including Prefuse 73, Cherrystones, Dangermouse, Home Skillet, Four Tet and even Pedro re-imagined his own track all in good fun. Prefuse gives one of his best remix showings ever, teaming his patented textural glitch with Sun Ra horn outbursts. U.K. producer Cherrystones spins it in a darker almost DJ Shadow hip-hop direction while Dangermouse’s treble-heavy beat leads well timed harp plucks and feminine coos. Pedro’s second stab at the song features more honking brass and a paranoid flute as well as a new array of drum effects. Home Skillet’s vision is much less structured and ventures into effervescing avant-garde regions, while Four Tet stretches the originally 4-minute song into 20+ minutes that enlists as much lingering ambience as Don Cherry avant-skronking. Never has 40 minutes of essentially one song been so enticing. Mpardaiolo

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