Fehlfarben is a German rock band from Düsseldorf and Wuppertal, founded in 1979 by Peter HeinThomas SchwebelMichael KemnerFrank FenstermacherMarkus Oehlenand Uwe Bauer . The current line-up consists of Hein, K and Fenstermacher, along with Uwe Jahnke, Saskia von Klitzing and Kurt Dahlke. The band raised himself up in 1984, but came back together in 1989.

Fehlfarben was formed out of the punk group Mittagspause, which, in turn, on the even older band Charley's Girls went back. K and Deutsch-American FreundschaftDahlke came from. Initially they made experimental music with ska-influences; This drawn inspiration they on holiday inEngland. They performed around the Ratinger Hof in Düsseldorf.

When she signed a contract with EMI , they came from underground fame in the visit. However, this resulted in their fierce criticism of the traditional punk groups, that the big record companies regarded as part of the combat system. Their 1980 debut album Monarchy und Everyday was an immense success and was a classic German rock album. This record showed still strong punk influences, with a high tempo in the numbers.Eventually, it became in 2000 with a Goldene Schallplatte crowned. The number ' Militürk ' was a collaboration with American Freundschaft, which it as ' Deutsch-Kebab-Träume ' become released, and is a great cult success.

The only major commercial hit by Fehlfarben Ein Jahr (Es geht voran) is ' ', which is influenced by the funk and in 1982, against the will of the band, was released as a single. This song is a classic from the Neue Deutsche Welle , and commercial Fehlfarben is mainly remembered for this reason, to the chagrin of the band members themselves. This song as the krakerscène adopted a new anthem of the subculture: the squatters considered Fehlfarben Ton Steine Scherben, as successor of what is essentially not Fehlfarbens intended.

Peter Hein left the group in 1981 and went to work for Xerox ; only in 1989 he came back. Guitarist Schwebel took over thereupon the vocals for his account, and the group released the albums still 33 Tage in Kettenand Glut und Asche from. In 1984 the band loved it quits due to disagreements with EMI.

In 2002 they released a new Knietief im Dispo, album; at the time there was a revival of the Neue Deutsche Welle. However, sales fell, as well as those of Handbuch für die Welt from 2007. Thomas Schwebel left the group in early 2008.


[hide]*1 discography



  • 1980: Monarchy und Everyday
  • 1981: 33 Tage in Ketten
  • 1983: Glut und Asche
  • 1991: those flat des Himmlischen Friedens (with Helge Schneider)
  • 1992: Live
  • 1995: Popmusik und Hundezucht (recorded in 1984)
  • Es geht voran (1998:compilation)
  • Knietief im Dispo 2002:
  • 2006: 26 1/2 (with guest musicians: Helge SchneiderCampinoHerbert Grönemeyert. v. Smith and others)
  • 2007: Handbuch für die Welt
  • 2009: Live here & jetzt


  • 1980: Abenteuer & Freiheit/Große Liebe
  • 1981: Das Wort ist draußen/Wie bitte was?!
  • 1982: Ein Jahr (Es geht voran)
  • 1982: 14 Tage/Feuer an Bord
  • 1983: Tag und Night
  • 1983: agents in Raucherkinos
  • 1985: Keine ruhige Minute/weint Der Himmel
  • 2002: Club der schönen Mütter
  • 2003: Alcohols


  • Surgery 2010 (2006), awarded the MuVi Publikumspreis 2006 Online

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