Artist: Drip-Drop

Date Released: 12/12/06

Label: NGRC Productions

Produced By: AJG


Cancelled project


  1. Intro
  2. One On One (Drip Vs. AJG)
  3. Skit 1: Deez Nutz (f-a-k-e)
  4. 99 Problems Remix
  5. Hustlin' Freestyle
  6. Skit 2: Deez Nutz (Em)
  7. Interlude: On A Side Note
  8. AJG (AJG)
  9. Nuthin' But A Region Thang
  10. Skit 3: Deez Nutz (CLB)
  11. Interlude: Hey, Tex
  12. Political View
  13. Interlude: Hey, Tex Pt.2
  14. Skit 4: Deez Nutz (AJG)
  15. Dem Boyz Remix
  16. Chain Hang Low Remix (ft. F-A-K-E)
  17. They Don't Know Freestyle
  18. Ridin Rimz Freestyle
  19. Ask About Me
  20. Because I Got Fly
  21. Outtro

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The Re-Up

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