Artist: AJG feat. Black Ice, CLB & Exampl

Song: Find Me In The Club

Album: Show Me My Opponent

Date Released: 6/25/07

Produced by: King Kong Productions


AJG's 2nd official single off of Show Me My Opponent. This was said to be a track that had been in the making since Stuntin' Iza Habbett but was never used because CLB never finished his verse. Originally, Exampl wasn't supposed to be on the chorus, but it was later arranged to make a statement that Wolf-Pac & SB Records were no longer beefing.

The single proved to be a massive hit on soundclick and redefined AJG's status, making it his 2nd #1 hit on soundclick.

Previous SingleEdit

Stay On Top

Next SingleEdit

Dolla After Dolla

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