Finly Fish and the Bark Brothers is a band from the Rochester area of New York. They play acid rock, baroque pop, jazz pop, and motown. They gradually formed as the result of a modern Vaudeville act through much of 2008, finally recording songs in 2009. The members use stage names to protect their identities.


Xtra Marty, founding member of the band, began a theatre act in 2007. It was entitled "Stranger Danger", as his partner Joey E (real name unknown) played the role of an evil stranger. When Joey E left in 2008 to begin touring with his band Tall Trees, White Sand, Super Russell was recruited to play synthesizer. In the summer of 2009, when funding from Diversi Productions was cut due to financial problems, Xtra Marty and Super Russell recruited friend Champ Dawg to play drums. They began a small project until late October. The project stopped when friend Finly Fish, famous for his skill with a 45-jet hydraulophone, joined and the four began to write and record songs. Shortly after recording began, engineers said that they also wanted a non-session drummer (Champ is a session drummer), so Eamon Buzzybee was recruited. They are currently in the process of recording a 7" single and planning a tour schedule.


  • Finly Fish -- vocals, hydraulophone
  • Xtra Marty -- vocals, synthesizer, recorder
  • Super Russell -- vocals, synthesizer, guitar, recorder
  • Eamon Buzzybee -- vocals, bass drum, hand bells, shaker
  • Champ Dawg -- vocals, mixing, live looping, drum set



Finly Fish and the Bark Brothers do not yet have any full-length albums.


They have not released any EPs yet, though Super Russell says that they "are planning an EP to be released around Christmastime."


They plan to release their first 2 songs, "Stranger Danger" and "Lots of Grass", by later this month.

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