Firespawn is a Swedish death metal band from Stockholm, also called "supergroup",[1] formed in 2012 by Alex Impaler (aka Alex Friberg, Necrophobic), Lars Göran Petrov and Victor Brandt (both Entombed A.D.). With the band, originally called Fireborn, the musicians "wanted to play faster and harder death metal than in our other bands".[2]

Band membersEdit

  • Alex Friberg - Bass (2015-present)
  • Matte Modin - Drums (2015-present)
  • Victor Brandt - Guitars (2015-present)
  • Fredrik Folkare - Guitars (2015-present)
  • L-G Petrov - Vocals (2015-present)


Studio albums
  • "Lucifer Has Spoken" (2015)


External linksEdit


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