Fischer-Z was an English rock band in the time of the new wave, the end of the seventies of the 20th century.


[hide]*1 History


The name Fischer-Z is derived from a term used in statistics (Fishers z describes confidence intervals in correlations). Originally the band was called Sheep, but under that name, there is little heard of them. The hub of Fischer-Z was John Watts: he was the composer-singer and later also the producer of the band.

In addition to John Watts played Steve Skolnik (keyboards), Steve Liddle (drums) and Dave Graham (bass) in the band. In 1978 they closed a record deal with United Artists. The first plate, which appeared in 1979, was Word Salad. In Netherlands, Belgium and Germany it became of The Worker coming Word Salad a hit. The group toured a lot. Initially fell against the success in England and also the next plate, Going Deaf for a Living, brought no change in there. The Group changed: Skolnik couldn't stand the predominant behavior of Watts and left. First they toured as a trio, early ' 81 was the replacement for Graham Pleeth Skolnik. Short time also played Bern Newman as guitarist.

With Red Skies over Paradise had Fischer-Z eventually the desired recognition and the desired success in England. With the song Alireza they had a hit throughout Europe. In June 1981 they stood on Pinkpop, one of the last performances of the time, because the band was lifted a month later.

Watts then went on alone (he had the project The Cry, with whom he recorded the album Quick, Quick, Slow ) and a few years later he used the name Fischer-Z again. His last album under that name was 2003:Ether Music. For Ether cut and pasted Watts recordings he had made on a world tour. In 2005, Watts released a solo album under the title Real Life Is Good Enough. When the album was a collection of poems.

After stopping the band, John Watts has solo occurred, also in Netherlands. He plays during his concerts still hits by Fischer-Z as "So Long" and "The Worker".


Album Year Tag
Word Salad 1979 UA
Going Deaf for a Living 1980 UA
Red Skies over Paradise 1981 EMI
Reveal 1987 BMG
Fish's Head 1989 BMG
Destination Paradise 1992 EMI
Kamikaze Shirt 1993 EMI
Stream 1995 SPV
Ether Music 2003
Highlights 1979-2004 2004 EMI
The Garden Party (dvd) 2004 EMI

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number (s) with markings

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
So long - 228 159 263 249 201 542 453 621 382 456 433 499 589 548
The worker 875 - 606 665 745 744 877 909 1235 889 677 780 752 866 1014

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