Artist: Aki Onda

Genre: Japanese Noise, Avant Garde

Appears On: Japanese Avant-Garde: Agitation & Stillness, Noise & Silence, Precious Moments

Appears On (Mixes): Dub Club: It's Raining Again - Matt

Song Notes: I'm a bit of a fan of Japanese Noise stuff and other experimental music. I found this a while ago, from a compilation called Japanese Avant-Garde: Agitation & Stillness, Noise & Silence, which apparently came out in 2002. It came out on Sub Rosa records, and included Otomo Yoshihide (which is probably why I downloaded it from SoulSeek!). It looks like it's still in print, and has liners from David Toop of The Flying Lizards-fame, the first Frank Chickens record and General Strike! I think I'll have to pick this disc up for real, actually. Aki Onda was a member of Audio Sports, and has worked in Jazz, Electronic and Noise. This track is actually very mellow and almost ambient; very pretty music box sounds and flutes, along with electronics. It also appeared on the album Precious Moments put out by Softl Music. On this track, Aki Onda is credited with cassette recorder, Momo is credited with the synthesizer, Sakana Hosomi is credited with electronics, and Jyoji Sawada is on fue (a Japanese flute). Unfortunately, I don't know much about Aki Onda or this track, other than that I really like it and it's very nice. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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