About Flashmaster RayEdit

Flashmaster Ray is one of Germany’s Hip Hop pioneers. He started his career at the end of the 80’s as one of the first German Hip Hop deejays & producers.
Flashmaster Ray anchored the first Hip Hop radio show in history in his hometown Hamburg City.
The show is called "Hip Hop Don’t Stop". He also appeared on the screen as a presenter of the popular TV show "Rapheadz TV". His guests were well known Hip Hop artists from the German charts, as well as underground acts.
Flashmaster Ray managed numerous arrangements and performed in live events. Some of them are live music events, and some were various breakdance and MC-freestyle battles.


2011 Flashmaster Ray Der Boss am Bass / Label: P.O.sin-music

2003 Flashmaster Ray 80's Style / Label: Entire Volume / Groove Attack
2004 Flashmaster Ray Electric Zone / Label: Entire Volume / Groove Attack
2006 Flashmaster Ray Hamburg am Mic / Label: Mzee Records
2013 Doze Mixtape # 1 - Alles Inklusive Label:

Singles & Features
2004 Ghetto Rock (H-Peh Album Diplomacy ) / Label: Groove Attack Productions
2004 Indiscotabel (Simon Phoenix) Label:Schmuf Hamburg
2005 Schwarzgebrannter (mit Simon Phoenix) Label:Schmuf Hamburg
2009 Bier Rein, Titten Raus (mit Michelmann & Eko Fresh) / Label: Our Distribution (Soulfood)
2010 Das Leben ist ein Pornofilm (mit Conny Dachs) / Label: Da Records/Zyx Music
2010 Marlene (mit Party Bass Mob,Frank Zander) / Label: Michelmann Records
2012 Roboter Musik (Ich bin ne Rap-Maschine / Label: P.O.sin-music
2013 Yetkili ( mit Crak ) / Label: P.O.sin-music

2005 Hamburg Hip Hop Next Level / Label: Bandog Records
2011 P.O.sin-music Hip Hop Releases 1 / Label: P.O.sin-music
2012 Erotic Stars Volume One / Label: Respect Music
2012 Nu Electro Volume 4 / Label: Street Sounds
2013 CBR Undergound Electro Volume 4 / Label: City Beat Records

2011 Andi Meisfeld – Falschgeld zu Weinachten / Label: Steinbrecher Entertainment / Dreamland Productions

1996 The One On One Battle Of The DJ's / VHS Label: Miles Ahead Management

Flashmaster Ray on the webEdit

Music videosEdit

Electro Rock - Flashmaster Ray feat

Electro Rock - Flashmaster Ray feat. Tom Steinbrecher (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO HD) Breakdance Clip

Flashmaster Ray - Beweg Dich (Mach Dich nackt) feat

Flashmaster Ray - Beweg Dich (Mach Dich nackt) feat.12Finger Dan (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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