Come Dance with Fling


Introducing Ireland’s newest high energy fusion folk band, Fling! They are the chief foot stompers at a hot and heavy hootenanny, a meeting of East European gypsies and trad fanatics under a bridge in La Paz, Bolivia or Avignon, France. Fling are the smiling souls still crafting songs and greeting a new day when everyone else has gone to bed, they are the collective sound of a thousand idea’s, journeys and rhythms born to make you feel good. Based in Galway in the West of Ireland, their music has a twang of everything from South America to Russia while never forgetting their roots in Irish Trad and Bluegrass and good old rock and roll. Fling’s highly original material leaves audiences enthralled and exhilarated.


  • Pauli Smalls – Djangoesque slapping and tickling of the Double Bass.

  • Liam Carroll-has carried his Guitar and Mandolin around the world a few times and came home with a Charango.

  • Liam Conway-a self confessed perfectionist, weaves his subtle magic on Guitar and Mandolin.

  • Alan Walsh - the master of big sound and tip tap beats is on Drums and Percussion.

  • Maeve Kelly has no fear of stretching the imagination with the Feadóg and Low Whistle, using techniques picked up all around the world.



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