Flipper was a hardcore-punk band from San Francisco. They originated in late ' 70s, early ' 80s of the twentieth century from the remnants of Negative Trend and other straps. With their album Album (also known as Generic Flipper) they really broke through. Their style was different than most hardcore bands of that time: they played much heavier and slomer. Their performances were chaotic, with the number on the public stage climbed Sexbomb and bumped against the instruments, whereby those were displeased. Falconi therefore brought spikes on his guitar with him to so that that wouldn't happen. But the tune sound would be a part of their sound.

The members were: Bruce Loose (vocals, bass), Ted Falconi (guitar), Will Shatter (vocals, bass), Steve DePace (drums, vocals). The grunge bands of the late 1980s (such as The Melvins and Nirvana (band)) have admitted they were influenced by Flipper. Flipper itself was influenced by bands such asMC5The RamonesRedd KrossThe MentorsBilly IdolSex Pistols.