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"For the Girl Who Has Everything" is the fourth single released from American boy band 'N Sync's self-titled debut album. It was released in August 1997, exclusively on the German market. The single has never been released worldwide. The track was later included on the U.S. version of their debut album *NSYNC.


 [hide*1 Music video

Music video[edit]Edit

The video premiered on terrestrial television in August 1997.[1] The video features the band stranded on a beach, attempting to send gifts and messages to a girl, in an attempt to get her to rescue them. However, she is too busy with her flash boyfriend. The video intertwinnes clips of the band with clips of the girl and her boyfriend. the video was partly recorded in the north of Spain, in Santander. The version of the video included on 'N the Mix is adjusted to the remix of the song, included on the American version of *NSYNC.

Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "For the Girl Who Has Everything" (radio mix) – 3:56
  2. "For the Girl Who Has Everything" (album version) – 3:51
  1. "For the Girl Who Has Everything" (radio mix) – 3:56
  2. "For the Girl Who Has Everything" (album version) – 3:51
  3. "For the Girl Who Has Everything" (Unplugged) – 4:19
  4. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (Solomon LindaHugo PerettiLuigi CreatoreGeorge David Weiss; Albert Stanton) – 3:10
  5. "For the Girl Who Has Everything" (video) – 4:07


Chart (1997)[3] Peak


Austrian Singles Chart 32
German Singles Chart[4] 32
Swiss Singles Chart 22

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