Forever Faithless – The Greatest Hits is a greatest hits compilation album from the dance music group Faithless.

It features all their released singles- except for "Take The Long Way Home"-, plus three additional new tracks ("Fatty Boo", "Reasons (Saturday Night)", and "Why Go?" (2005 remix featuring Estelle).

Forever Faithless was the best selling dance album of 2005.

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 [hide*1 Track listing UK version

Track listing UK version[edit]Edit

  1. "Insomnia" (Monster Mix) – 8:41 from Reverence
  2. "Mass Destruction" – 3:32 from No Roots
  3. "God Is a DJ" – 3:21 from Sunday 8PM
  4. "Don’t Leave" (featuring Pauline Taylor and Dido) – 4:00 from Reverence
  5. "Muhammad Ali" (featuring Pauline Taylor) – 3:56 from Outrospective
  6. "We Come 1" – 3:56 from Outrospective
  7. "Reverence" (featuring Pauline Taylor and Dido) – 3:44 from Reverence
  8. "Salva Mea" (featuring Dido) – 10:47 from Reverence
  9. "One Step Too Far" (featuring Dido) – 3:52 from Outrospective
  10. "Bring My Family Back" (featuring Rachel Brown[disambiguation needed]) – 4:22 from Sunday 8PM
  11. "Miss U Less, See U More" (featuring LSK) – 3:56 from No Roots
  12. "Tarantula" – 6:39 from Outrospective
  13. "Fatty Boo" (featuring The Hiites) – 5:58 Previously unreleased
  14. "Reasons (Saturday Night)" (featuring Ian Dury) – 3:37 Previously unreleased
  15. "Why Go?" (2005 Remix) (featuring Estelle) – 3:17 Previously unreleased
  16. "I Want More" (featuring Nina Simone) – 4:00 from No Roots

Track listing US version[edit]Edit

Released on Arista Records, the American version of Faithless's Greatest Hits CD doesn't have "Fatty Boo". But it is an Enhanced Disc with a bonus music video of the 2005 version of "Why Go".

Initial US pressings contained MediaMax CD-3 copy protection, but this was abandoned after the 2005 Sony BMG CD copy protection scandal.

Song versions[edit]Edit

Except "Insomnia" and "Salva Mea", the chart versions of each song are included, not the full length – this was necessary to fit all the tracks into 1 hour 20 minutes.

Preceded by

Heart and Soul by Steve Brookstein

UK number one album

29 May 2005 – 4 June 2005

Succeeded by

Demon Days by Gorillaz


Forever Faithless – The Greatest Hits
Video by Faithless
Released 16 May 2005
Genre Trip hopEDM
Length 59:59
Label Cheeky Records/


Producer Faithless
Faithless chronology
Live at The Melkweg Amsterdam


Forever Faithless – The Greatest Hits


Live at Alexandra Palace


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Alongside the CD a DVD was also released containing the promotional videos used for Faithless singles. The DVD however disappointed many fans as some videos were missing. These were: Salva Mea '95, Reverence, If Loving You Is Wrong, Bring My Family Back (German version feat. Sabrina Setlur), Why Go? (Boy George Version), Why Go? (Estelle Version), Muhammad Ali (Rollo & Sister Bliss Tuff Love Mix Video) and Miss U Less, See U More.

Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. Salva Mea ['97 Video Version] – 04:08
  2. Don't Leave [Video Version] – 03:59
  3. Insomnia [Video Version] – 03:36
  4. God Is A DJ [Video Version] 03:29
  5. Take The Long Way Home [Video Version] – 03:59
  6. Bring My Family Back [UK Video Version] – 04:02
  7. We Come 1 [Video Version] – 04:02
  8. Muhammad Ali [Video Version] – 04:04
  9. Tarantula [Video Version] – 03:21
  10. One Step Too Far [Video Version] – 03:26
  11. Mass Destruction [Video Version] – 03:35
  12. I Want More [Video Version] – 03:02
  13. Hexstatic Video-Mash-Up (Mix of Above Videos) [Megamix] – 15:16

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