Artist: Macha

Date Released: August 3, 2004

Label: Jetset

Produced By:


  1. Forget Tomorrow
  2. (Do the) Inevitable
  3. D-D-D
  4. While the People Sleep
  5. Smash & Grab
  6. It's Okay Paper Tiger
  7. Cmon Cmon Oblivion
  8. Back in Baby's Arm
  9. Now Disappearing
  10. From the Merak Lounge
  11. Calming Passengers
  12. Sub II
  13. No Suprise Party


This is a very tough album to tie down. On Macha’s first release in a number of years, the Athens band combines an interesting arrangement of indie, drone and synth rock with folk, eastern and other pan-cultural musical themes. The cornerstone for this album seems to be rock (somewhere between the indie and shoegazer subgenres), but each song encompasses a variety of foreign instrumentation and a wide arrangement of well played percussion. Forget Tomorrow is best broken down into two parts, the first, rather boring half and the second, experimental half. But in all actuality, the first half only really becomes disappointing once you have listened to the entire album. Macha kicks off the record with a couple drone rock tracks that are brought down by mostly the synthed vocals (think half-assed Pleasure Forever). The lyrics and phrasing are just cliché and overused. The album really takes off at track 6, where they let loose and the outside influences play into their sound. In fact the instrumentals really carry the album (#6, 10, 11, 12). The record finally climaxes in the last song with a combination of a damn fine bass line along with Asian instrumentation and background noises (i.e. fireworks). Overall not a bad effort, but lacks consistency. Michael Ardaiolo

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