Founded: in 2005.

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  • Download Fort Minor's "Believe Me (Director's Cut)" Music Video
  • Note this "Believe Me (Director's Cut)" Music Video download is linked directly to Laurent Briet's (the director of the music video) official website. It is in QuickTime format, is 44.1mb, widescreen, and is (almost) DVD quality. At the request of Laurent Briet, Fort Minor, or Warner Bros. this video will be removed.

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Fort Minor Militia TracksEdit

  • "Do What We Did"
  • "Tools Of The Trade"
  • "Kenji (Interview Version)" (Can also be heard (not downloaded) from the Official Fort Minor Website)
  • "Where'd You Joe (Remix by Joe Hahn)" (Remix by Joseph Hahn of Linkin Park)
  • "Strange Things" (According to Mike Shinoda, this is the first Fort Minor track that he wrote)
  • "Believe Me (Club Remix)" (Remix by Mike Shinoda. Done as a joke to see what Fort Minor would be like as mainstream Hip Hop.)
  • "Start It All Up" (According to Mike Shinoda, this is the first Fort Minor track that he wrote, which is actually also a scrapped Linkin Park song)
  • "Move On" (The first Militia track to feature Mr. Hahn)

Mike's notes on these tracks...

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