Fortune Teller is a song that was written by Allen Toussaint under the pseudonym Naomi Neville. The ' original version ' was in 1962 at the plate by Benny Spellman as b-side of Lipstick Traces (on a Cigarette), also a number of Tamil, which was a modest hit (number 28 on the Billboard Black Singles Chart and number 80 in the Billboard Hot 100). Since then, the song has been covered by several other artists.


[hide]*the number 1

The number[Edit]Edit

The text tells how the I-figure a spinning sensation in his head and therefore a fortune teller visit. She tells him that he is in love with. The first look into the eyes of the best woman he is his girlfriend. The next day he goes back to the wise woman, angry because he is no woman come across. He looks the fortune teller in the eyes – and is prompt in love. In the last verse he says that he is now with the fortune teller is married and now gets free future forecasts.

Cover Versions[Edit]Edit

The best-known cover versions of the song are by:

  • The Hollies. Their version of the song on the lp Hollies from 1965.
  • The MerseybeatsFortune Teller is the back of their first single it's Love That Really Counts from 1963.
  • Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. The song appears on their 2007 album Raising Sand .
  • The Rolling Stones. In July 1963 the Group took the songs Poison Ivy and Fortune Teller on. the shots were meant for their second single, as a successor of Come On. There is a test pressing of a few hundred copies, but the plate (with the song Decca F 11742) was cancelled. But a handful of plates came in the hands of the public. In 1964 appeared both songs on a compilation lp with songs by various artists from theDecca-stable, entitled Saturday Club. [1In 1966 the American Fortune Teller appeared on live album Got Live if You Want it! Two songs, Fortune Teller and I've Been Loving You Too Long, are no real live recordings, but studio recordings where the sound of screaming fans behind was mounted. Fortune Teller is not on the English ep of the same title, Got Live if You Want it! A version of the song without screams on the lp 's More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) of 1972 and on the Solid Rock lp, released in 1980. A real live version can be found on Gimme Shelter (1971). In Australia the song came out as a single in december 1965, linked with Sad Day.
  • The Scorpions names the song in 1965 on, but it only appeared in 2001 on a compilation cd of this English band that was popular especially in Netherlands.
  • The Who. The number is on the cd version of Live at Leeds from 1995 and the cd box set Thirty Years of Maximum R & B from 1994.

What lesser-known versions are by:

  • The Downliners Sect (1966).
  • The Irish Group The Stellas (1965).
  • The American Group Tea Sixpence (later renamed Strawberry Alarm Clock), which released the song as a single in 1967.
  • The Australian Group The Throb, had a hit with the song in early 1966. It sold even better than the same song by The Rolling Stones. [2]
  • Tony Jackson & The Vibrations (1965). Tony Jackson was a former member of The Searchers in 1964 and replaced by Frank Allen. Fortune Teller was the back of his version of Love Potion No. 9 .

There are more songs with the name Fortune Teller. The song on the album by Xavier Rudd Food in the Belly , for example, with the number of Toussaint only the name in common. The same goes for Buffalo Tom 'sFortune Teller and Fortune Teller of a balladeer.

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