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Headquarters: Britain, UK

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Kieran Hebden's Four Tet alias has grown exponetially in the last few years from a time-killing side project to a world-renown musical icon. Sprouted in 1998 during the hiatus of Fridge, in which Hebden is one-third of (along with Sam Jeffers and Adem Ilhan), the Four Tet project began humbly as a creative output for Hebden to experiment with collected sound samples and the possibilities of laptop created music. Using mostly simple splice and paste techniques, Hebden stategically built songs that transcended the medium into far deeper musical regions and emotions that thought possible at that time. The genius of Hebden is his ability to take innately organic sounds of folksy instruments among others and manipulate them electronically without losing their natural sound. His very personal style influenced heavily from jazz, electronica, hip-hop and folk was established quickly with his debut full-length Dialogue. The momentum picked up quickly in the next couple years with high profile remixes of Aphex Twin and The Cinematic Orchestra along with his song Everything is Alright (from his sophmore release Pause) being featured on a US Nike commercial. With the release of 2003's much acclaimed Rounds, Four Tet became a world-renown and respected artist winning countless remix opportunities along with the much coveted open slot for Radiohead's 2003 European tour. His style was dubbed folktronica by the media, in which his name became synonomous along with almost single-handedly popularizing the style. This strict classification of his sound did not sit well with Hebden, and he denounced and rebelled against it in the following years. 2005's Everything Ecstatic was darker and harsher than many of his previous recordings, though still distinctly Four Tet. Hebden's numerous opportunites are still rolling in and he is taking full advantage of it, including appearing with jazz drummer Steve Reid during two improvisational shows in Europe which led to Hebden's involvement on the amazing Spirit Walk by the Steve Reid Ensemble.





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