Frampton Comes Alive! is the title of a live album by Peter Frampton. The album was released in January 1976 and is one of the best-selling live albums ever. The numbers are in 1975 recorded at various concerts in the us.

Well-known songs on the album are: "Show Me the Way""Baby, I Love Your Way" and "Do You Feel Like We Do". It was released as a double-lp in 1976, and later on cd.In 2001 appeared as a "25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" double cd, with four additional songs. In addition, the order of the songs was different than on the original lp.


  • Peter Frampton (vocals and guitarTalkbox)
  • John Siomos (drum)
  • Bob Mayo (guitar, vocals, Piano and organ)
  • Stanley Sheldon (bass, vocals)


  1. Something Happening
  2. Doobie Wah
  3. Show Me The Way
  4. It's A Plane Shame
  5. All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side)
  6. Wind Of Change
  7. Baby, I love your way
  8. I Wanna Go To The Sun
  9. Penny For Your Thoughts
  10. (I'll Give You)Money
  11. Shine On
  12. Jumping Jack Flash
  13. Lines On My Face
  14. Do You Feel Like We Do

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