Francis Cabrel (Agen23 november 1953) is a French singer and composer. He lives in Astaffort , near Agen in the French Southwest is married and father of three daughters (Manon, Aurélie and Thiu).

He uses different styles of music ranging from swinging blues to French chanson to poetic and usually bring socially relevant texts. In this context, he also was a member of Les Enfoirés. He is one of the most popular singers in the French-speaking countries and regions.


  • Vise le ciel (2012)
  • Des roses et des orties (2008)
  • La tournée des bodégas (2006)
  • Les beaux dégats (2004)
  • Double Tour (2000)
  • Hors-saison (1999)
  • Samedi soir sur la terre (1994)
  • D'une ombre à l'autre (1991)
  • Sarbacane (1989)
  • Cabrel 1977-1987 (1987)
  • Photos de voyages (1985)
  • Cabrel Public (1984)
  • Quelqu'un de l ' intérieur (1983)
  • Carte postale (1981)
  • Fragile (1980)
  • Les chemins de traverse (1979)
  • Francis Cabrel (1977)

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