Artist: The Residents

Label: East Side Digital / Ralph America

Produced By: The Residents


  1. Everyone Comes To The Freak Show
  2. Harry The Head
  3. Herman, The Human Mole
  4. Wanda, The Worm Woman
  5. Jack, The Boneless Boy
  6. Benny, The Bouncing Bump
  7. Mickey, The Mumbling Midget
  8. Lillie
  9. Nobody Laughs When They Leave


  1. Everyone Comes To The Freak Show
  2. Harry's Introduction
  3. Harry The Head
  4. Herman Watches TV (Mexican Porn)
  5. Herman, The Human Mole
  6. Wanda Does Her Act
  7. Wanda, The Worm Woman
  8. Jack Amuses The Crowd
  9. Jack, The Boneless Boy
  10. Benny Bounces
  11. Benny, The Bouncing Bump
  12. Mickey, The Mumbling Midget
  13. Lillie
  14. Nobody Laughs When They Leave

Prague and Beyond (CD2) (with Uz Jzme Doma)

  1. Everyone Comes To The Freak Show
  2. Wanda, The Worm Woman
  3. Mickey, The Mumbling Midget
  4. Bridge
  5. Herman, The Human Mole
  6. Harry The Head
  7. Jack The Boneless Boy
  8. Benny, The Bouncing Bump
  9. Wanda's Letters (Part 17)
  10. Nobody Laughs When They Leave
  11. Freak Show Remix
  12. Benny, The Bouncing Bump Live - Icky Flix Tour


Another really essential album; this one takes place in a freak show (oddly enough) and all the songs are about the various Freaks; there's "Harry The Head", a head in formaldehyde, "Benny, The Bouncing Bump", a man with a large growth in the middle of his chest; "Herman, The Human Mole", an albino with poor eyesight who lives in a trailer covered in dirt, and "Lillie", the freak who freaks the freaks out—and is in the audience. This spawned an award winning CD-Rom game and a really awesome graphic novel omnibus. This is one of my favorite Residents albums as well; the songs are well developed and some of the lyrics are just beautiful. This album contains my favorite Residents lyric of all time:

"We are only equal in the grave and in the dark,"
Said a man whose head was halfway eaten by a shark.
"Now if you ask me why I would continue on like this,
I doubt that I would know so I could only make a guess:
Half a mouth may not be much but it's still half a kiss."

- Rev. Syung Myung Me

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