Artist: Frank Zappa

Date Released: July 1991

Label: Rhino

Produced By: Frank Zappa


  1. Happy Together (01:26)
  2. Wino Man - With Dr. John Routine (07:44)
  3. Concentration Moon (01:19)
  4. Pallidan Routine (01:14)
  5. Call Any Vegetable (08:35)
  6. Little House I Used To Live In (inclduding "Penis Dimension") (04:34)
  7. Mudshark Variations (01:25)
  8. Holiday In Berlin (including "Would You Like A Snack?") (03:34)
  9. Sleeping In A Jar (including notes from "Inca Roads" & "Easy Meat" themes) (07:23)
  10. Cruising For Burgers (02:51)

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