Frederick Alfred (Freddy) Martin (Cleveland9 december 1906 - Newport Beachseptember 30, 1983) was an American tenor saxophonist and leader of a popular dance band that played sweet music . He was admired by jazz musicians such as Johnny Hodges, and Chu Berry , who called him "Mr. Silvertone".


Martin started on the drums, but then switched over to the saxophone. On high school had his own band and played in various local bands. He worked in a band on a ship and played with Arnold Johnson and Jack Albin. After high school he sold instruments. When Guy Lombardo was in town he tried what saxophones to the band leader to wear out, which failed, but Lombardo heard Martin and his group play and was impressed. When Lombardo once could not occur, he ordered Martins binding to as replacement, after which the career of Martin came off the ground. His band fell apart, however, and Martin played after years as a sideman. Moreover, their remained life long friends Martin and Lombardo.

In 1931 , he founded a new band, with which he mid thirties by broke through his successes in Bossert Hotel in Brooklyn. The Group had a Tenor Band-style, in which tenor saxophones played the lead role: Martin was a pioneer in the sweet music-world and influenced so many bands across America. He played in all kinds of prestigious hotels and performed regularly for the radio, including NBC 's Mybellie Penthouse Serenade (1937).

Musicians and vocalists who in the 1930s and 1940s, worked in his group included Claude Thornhill (piano), Barclay Allen (piano), Alvino Rey (guitar), Buddy Clark (vocals), Elmer Feldkampf (vocals), Stuart Wade and Helen Ward.

The band by Martin took in 1932 during a session for Columbia records, but then stepped over to Brunswick, for which Martin would make plates until 1939. Afterwards Martin appeared on RCA's Bluebird and Victor records. His biggest hit was an adaptation of the first part of the Tchaikovsky's piano concerto in Bb, now with text: "Tonight We Love". After this success he edited more classic themes and he expanded his Orchestra, with especially violins.

Martin came by his popularity in Hollywood, where he appeared with his band in five films, including 'Stage Door Canteen"(1943). In the 1950s and 1960s he continued to play in hotels, for the radio and also in front of the television. He was the musical director of Elvis Presleys first performances in Las Vegas. In 1977 he was for a time the replacement of nighters in his band. Martin led his own band until the early eighties.


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