Founded: 1966

Headquarters: New York, NY

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The Free Design was a vocal sunshine pop group from the latter half of the 60s that somehow when unnoticed. In the vein of the ambitious pop groups from that era like The Beach Boys and The Association, the group of singing siblings behind the direction of the elder Christopher Dedrick managed to release a number of albums through the independent Project 3 label. While the subject matter of a typical Free Design song is incredibly light and non-obtrusive, the music was stunningly georgous and unassumingly complex. This was partly thanks to the pop sensibilities of Christopher Dedrick and his sugary arrangements along with the fact that recording sessions always included some of New York's finest musicians. After three albums and only mediocre success, the group even tried a album direct towards kids before returning again to their more mature audience. Three more albums later, The Free Design disbanded in 1975 without a charting single or substantial selling record.

With a resurgence of attention in the late 90s, the group reunited to record 2001's Cosmic Peekaboo. Also, in 2005, Seattle's Light in the Attic records released a compilation album showcasing The Free Design's music remixed by some of today's most sought after producers and artists. It may be 30 years later, but The Free Design are finally getting the attention they deserve.






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