Free Mason
AJG - Free Mason Front Cover
Mixtape by AJG909
Released November 11, 2011
Recorded Dec. '10 - Oct. '11

SB Records Studios
(San Bernardino, CA)
AJG Recording Studios
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Genre Rap/Hip-Hop/Pop/R&B
Length 49:07
Label SB Records
Producer Sky B
AJG909 chronology
iDo This
Free Mason
Double Cupped & Swisher Blunts

Free Mason is the sophomore mixtape from American rapper AJG909, scheduled released November 11, 2011 on SB Records .


AJG909 first confirmed the project in December 2010 under the title "iStill Do This". The title was later changed to "City Lights And Skylines" the following summer. It was later left untitled and the "Free Mason" title was revealed the day of release.

Recording for the project began in late December 2010. The mixtape received mass production from Sky B and was the first and only release off AJG's attempt at an indie label, which was under the name Everyday Music Group. It was also his first mixtape that received a professional hard copy produced and distributed at numerous locations in Southern California.

AJG909 released the first single "Everythin Matchin'" on April 2, with the music video being released June 10. The song was received with mixed reviews but was still a moderate success. The 2nd single "Think Im Famous" (Feat. Kash Jones & GGreen) was released July 1 and was later premiered at Club Ember in Anaheim where AJG performed alongside Kash Jones, Exampl, GGreen & Joe a Donna, opening up for KRS-One. AJG went on to promote videos for the singles "La La" & "Broken Promises" with "Sour Diesel" & "Marijuana" being promoted simultaneously.

In March 2012, a video for single "LATOKYO" was released and promoted the re-release of the mixtape as well as the clothing line Latokyo. The re-package of Free Mason was released on datpiff exclusively on March 24th, 2012 and included unreleased & newly recorded material. The mixtape also included a new red & yellow version of the mixtape cover and went on to gain 25k downloads on datpiff, which awarded the mixtape a Bronze certification on the website.

Fall of 2014, it was announced on the 3rd year anniversary of the mixtape that there would be a final reissue of the mixtape titled The Purple Edition which would cut several songs from the previous 23 track line up as well as adding a few unreleased songs and remixes. "Freee Mason (Purple Edition)" is set for release on Dec 13, 2014 with Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes.


Early recording in December was conducted at the SB Records Studio in San Bernardino, CA where AJG reportedly recorded 20 tracks in as little as 3 days according to his twitter. The rest of the recording was done at AJG's home recording studio between February and October 2011. AJG has claimed to have recorded over 70 tracks with Sky B.


Original Tracklist (11.11.11)Edit

# Song Title Featured Guestspot(s) Producer Time
1 "2 Whom It May Concern" Sky B 1:40
2 "Bad Bitchez (In The Party)" Sky B 3:13
3 "Think Im Famous" Kash Jones & GGreen Sky B 3:19
4 "La La" Sky B 2:38
5 "Drop It Low" GGreen Sky B 3:01
6 "DanceFloor" Sky B 2:28
7 "Pool Party" Sky B 3:04
8 "Real Long" Sky B 5:24
9 "Sour Diesel" Sky B 3:02
10 "Taylor Swift" Sky B 3:14
11 "Everythin Matchin" A-DOG Sky B 2:56
12 "Where They Do That At" Sky B 3:49
13 "West Coast" A-DOG Sky B 2:45
14 "Marijuana" Exampl Sky B 3:18
15 "Broken Promises" Derrickmv IcePic/Mr. Flamez 5:20

Purple Edition (12.13.14)Edit

# Song Title Featured Guestspot(s) Producer
1 "2 Whom It May Concern" Sky B
2 "Bad Bitchez (In The Party)" Sky B
3 "Sour Diesel RMX" Exampl & Kash Jones Sky B
4 "Get Bent" Kash Jones & Joeadonna Sky B
5 "Think Im Famous" Kash Jones & GGreen Sky B 3:19
6 "La La" Sky B 2:38
7 "Time 2 Party" Joeadonna & GGreen Sky B
8 "DanceFloor (Extended Version)" Sky B
9 "Pool Party" Sky B
10 "Hello" Sky B
11 "Real Long/Touch (Interlude)" Sky B
12 "Materisl Girl" Raheem Amir Sky B
13 "Everythin Matchin RMX" Kash Jones & A-DOG Sky B
14 "Taylor Swift" Sky B
15 "West Coast" A-DOG Sky B
16 "Lets Roll Up" Sky B
17 "Marijuana" Exampl Sky B
18 "LATOKYO" Smash Broz
19 "iStill Do This" [Bonus] Sky B
20 "Ron Burgundy" [Bonus] AJG909
21 "LATOKYO (Xeno's Dubstep RMX)" [Bonus] Xeno
22 "Everythin Matchin (Exampl's Dubstep RMX)" [Bonus] Kash Jones & A-DOG Exampl
23 "Marijuana (Exampl's Dubstep RMX)" [Bonus] Exampl
24 "Throw It Back" [Bonus] SB Records '09 Sky B

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