Anni-Frid Synni Lyngstad (Frida), Princess Reuss, Countess of Plauen (Ballangen15 november 1945) is a Swedish singer (of birth Norwegian). She is best known as singer of the Swedish group ABBA.


[hide]*1 early life

Youth Years[Edit]Edit

Lyngstad Synni Lyngstad was born and the German soldier Alfred Haase. Her father was recalled to Germany at the end of the Second World War. On the way back to the ship in which he sank Germany enter and he was listed as missing, but Haase survived the disaster, which came only in 1977 behind Lyngstad. Through the relationship with Haase got her mother's suffering after the war in Norway; Anni-Frid would according to sources[citation needed ]the product of the German Lebensborn project, although this has never been proven.

To the nasty consequences of the post-war to escape repression Lyngstad's grandmother decided to team up with her 18 month old grandchild to move to Sweden. Her mother later followed, but she died before her daughter was two years from kidney failure. Anni-Frid and her grandmother continued to live in Sweden, first in Malmköping, afterwards in Torshälla, a village just outside the town of Eskilstuna.

At the age of 11 Lyngstad made her debut as a singer during a performance for the benefit of the Red Cross. On this charity parties she imitates her then Idol Ingeborg Nyberg. From her 13th until her 23rd she appeared with the Orchestra, dance-Ewald Eks kvintett, with which they virtually every weekend until late, and the schmaltz sings evergreens and Bengt Sandlund's big band. With this last group covert they mainly the jazz repertoire of, among others, Glenn MillerDuke Ellington and Count Basie. Meanwhile, they also follow singing classes and she is inspired by her great examples Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald. In 1961 Ragnar Fredriksson, she met her first husband, whom she would later divorce. They had two children, Hans (1963) and Lise-Lotte (1967-1997), which after the divorce fall under the custody of their father. Ragnar and Lyngstad founded their own group in 1964, Anni-Frid Four.

On 3 september 1967 Lyngstad won ' New Faces ', a large-scale national talent contest in Stockholm, which was organized by record company EMI on the occasion of Days H. With her winning song , and void day (a day off) she got the chance to act in ' Hylands hörna ', the largest Swedish TV show by then. Soon after this she signed a contract with Vrij EMI Records, and her first single , and void day/Peter, kom tillbaka (a free day/Peter, come back) was issued. Up to the beginning of the 1970s, Lyngstad mainly known for her live performances and much less for its singles. Together with the Swedish singer Lasse Lönndahl and Charlie Norman (singer/pianist) they traveled around in Sweden during the summers of 1968, ' 69 and ' 70. In 1969 she was one of the participants in the Swedish heats of the Eurovision Song Contest , finishing in 4th place.Success with her singles Lyngstad had not. In 1972, she was dumped by EMI. Her then fiancé Benny Andersson knew Lyngstad at Polar Music to.

She had first met Andersson in 1969, and after this he acted as her producer at EMI. The collaboration between Benny, Frida, Agnetha and Björn came into being in 1970. Together they made part of the band 'Festfolket' (which means both "revelers ' as ' betrothed ') in a variety show on television. The show did not have much success and the plans for the band were laid aside.


Between 1972 and 1982 ABBA Lyngstads was head-career. It seemed, however, ABBA manager Stig Anderson good plan if Lyngstad between by a Swedish-language solo-LP would make. The album, which appears in 1975 is called simply "Frida ensam" (Frida alone) and is produced by Andersson. The album peaked at # 1 of the charts in Sweden and contains some covers of English hits (including David Bowie). The song ' Fernando ' that Benny and Björn wrote together for Lyngstads album, would later be recorded by ABBA in English and be a huge worldwide hit. By ' Frida Ensam ' were sold more than 100,000 copies in Sweden.[source?]

The big break for Lyngstad came with ABBA. The Group won on 6 april 1974 in Brighton the first prize in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Waterloo. ABBA survived the one-hit wonder-stamp that many winners carry with them, and went through with television appearances, concerts and recordings in Europe, the United States, Japan etc. With the release of the hit single SOS (1975) it became clear to all that ABBA was a pop group of meaning. The ABBA era brought her father Alfred Haase back in the life of Lyngstad. Thanks to an article by the German pop-sheet ' Bravo ' was published with all information of the different members of ABBA, was piqued the curiosity of Andrea Buchinger. Her uncle was called also Alfred Haase, and when they inquired of him, he turned out to be the unsuspecting Lyngstad's father. However, it took some time before Lyngstad wanted to meet him, there were a lot of comments have been on the biographical stories in the press and most cuts no wood.

After nine years, to have been engaged with Andersson married the couple on 6 October 1978. The marriage lasted less than three years and the divorce followed in February 1981.

After ABBA[Edit]Edit

Solo Career[Edit]Edit

After ABBA had put no concrete plans in the agenda to include a new plate, Lyngstad decided in 1982 to pursue a solo career with the album produced by Phil Collins ' something's Going On ' whose single ' I know there's something going on "was the biggest hit. Among other things in America reached the single the 13th place of the single Top 100, and even in France, the single at number 1. The album sold almost 1 million copies worldwide. ' Something's going on "was no. 1 in Sweden, Norway, Belgium and came in the top 10 in Australia and several European countries and in the Top 20 in Germany. The follow-up album ' Shine ' by 1984, produced by Steve Lillywhite, was not a success. Also the singles from this album, such as "Slowly", the final track in which the duo Andersson-Ulvaeus collaborated with one of the Abba-singers, made little or no impression on the charts. The album took out only the Top 10 of Sweden, Norway and Belgium. After the release of Shine stopped Frida with her international career. Since then she has never recorded an English-language album. In 1987 she was out to hear as a guest singer on the album by the Swedish group R länge vi har varann with the ballad ' Så ' (as long as I have you).

In the early 1990s was Lyngstad, now grandmother, involved in ecology projects and the environment. They supported In particular the Swedish Naturliga Steget-Artister för environmental organization ' Det miljö ' (the natural step-artists for the environment). Lyngstad was President of this Association from 1992 to 1995. Along with Julian Lennon , she took in 1992 the socially critical song ' Salt water ' that they live in Stockholm.There beside organized and financed them even "green" summer camps for children from poor families.

By her commitment to nature conservation got Lyngstad again sentence to a cd. The result was told in 1996 with the album Djupa andetag , intimate environment conscious (deep breath), written and produced by Anders Glenmark. The album, which was sung entirely in Swedish, was only released in Scandinavia. Frida invited mina bästa år Agnetha to join ' Alla ' as duet, but Agnetha declined for fear the rumors about an ABBA reunion to do dragging up again. Agnetha's place was taken by Roxettesinger Marie Fredriksson's. In Sweden it became a success, it peaked at number one in the Swedish charts and sold about 90,000 copies. Of the three released singles, including the vulnerable ' Åven and trumpet "(even a flower), however, not one knew to get the top 10 in Sweden. This despite a decent advertising campaign with television appearances in Sweden, Finland and Norway, among others.

Complete record CDs did Lyngstad after 1996 no longer. Only few times she sang a duet or she collaborated with artists, with whom she has a particular connection. So she took the classic song ' La Barcarolle "on, a duet that they together with the Italian opera singer Filippa Giordano sings. The song was on the cd Il rosso amore (deluxe) by Giordano released only in Japan (2002). Further she takes in 2003 for charity the reli-pop duet ' Lieber Gott ', together with the international unknown Than Daniell, who like Lyngstad is resident in the Swiss Zermatt. The cd-single could only be ordered over the internet. Only 250 people actually order the image. [source? ] In 2004 she takes even the specially written for her song The sun will shine again on, by friend and former Deep Purplemember Jon Lord. A number of television appearances, only in Germany, and a live performance at a concert of Lord follow. The comments on the song were pretty lukewarm after which the record company decided not to release the song as a single. The slow song was then only available on the cd and the dvd Beyond the notes (2004) of the Lord.

In response to Lyngstad's's 60th anniversary brings record company Universal on 15 november 2005 the Frida Box Set out with her solo albums by Polar and the legacy dvd ' Frida-The DVD '. The dvd includes a 3½-hour, by herself commented documentary with an overview of her entire singing career from her television debut in 1967 to her TV appearances in Germany in 2004. The box closes with an extensive interview with Frida, decreased in the summer of 2005 in the Swiss Alps.

Lynstad pops up In 2010 for the occasion the studio to Cat Stevens' hit 'Morning Has Broken' to sing. She does this as a guest singer for the album by Swedish musician Georg Wadenius Reconnections . The Album reached the seventeenth place in the Swedish singles chart.

In 2013, at the opening of the ABBA Museum in Stockholm, to know not to want to sing more gives Frida. It is now thirty years after her last international solo album and she gives to himself no longer see all times as an active singer.

Private Life[Edit]Edit

Anni-frid Lynstad is in total already stepped three times married. On 3 april 1963, she married the musician Ragnar Fredriksson, with whom she had two children, Hans (° 1963) and Ann Lise-Lotte (° 1967). They broke up after six years and they were officially divorced on 19 May 1970. In 1971 she went to live with her fiancé Benny Andersson who they had met a year earlier. The couple married only on 6 October 1978 but didn't last long. In november 1981, they officially broke up. Andersson left Lyngstad for Mona Nörklit, a Swedish tv-personality.

In 1982 Lyngstad left Sweden to settle in London. Frida moved again, this time after four years to Switzerland. There she recorded her residence in the family Castle of her beloved, the German Prince Heinrich Ruzzo Reuss von Plauen, which is situated in Fribourg. The Prince, who is also an architect, was a close friend of the Swedish King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Prince Reuss von Plauen had sat still on the same boarding school as the King when he was still Crown Prince . The couple was married on August 26, 1992. By this marriage, Lyngstad, meanwhile, also become a grandma grandson, officially the title of Princess and she was also the stepmother of twin daughters Henriette and Pauline from Prince Reuss ' first marriage. Lyngstad also became friends with the Swedish King and Queen and especially with Queen Silvia was a good band.Both were involved in organizing various projects for the charity. Lyngstad resigned in 1993 single together with "The Real Group" performance during a party in honor of the 50th anniversary of Queen Silvia.Lyngstad sang there and The Real Group to an idea of Lyngstad an a-capella version of ABBA's Dancing Queen.

The years that followed were marked by personal tragedies. Lyngstads husband died at the age of 49 to Lymphoma in november 1999; two years after Lise-Lotte, her daughter with Ragnar Fredriksson, in a car accident in the United States had come to life. At the funeral of her husband was the Royal couple with their children. To get through this grief process she searched for a time her refuge in Buddhism. Since 2008 she resides in Zermatt where she lives with her British friend Henry Smith, Fifth Viscount Hambleden.

Solo albums[Edit]Edit

  • English-language albums:
    • Shine (1984)
    • Something's Going On (1982)
  • Swedish-language albums:
    • Frida 1967-1972 (1997)
    • Djupa Andetag (1996)
    • Frida Ensam (1975)
    • Frida (1971)