Front 242 are a industrial/techno group from Belgium.They first gained popularity in 1988, when their song 'Headhunter' reached number 13 on the US Dance charts, but their greatest successes were in 1991, when their album 'Tyranny >For You<' reached number 95 on the US Billboard 200, and in 1993, when their single 'Religion' reached number 46 on the UK Charts. The group also had other minor hits on the US Dance charts.



Year Title Label Notes
1982 Geography Himalaya
1984 No Comment Wax Trax!
1987 Back Catalogue Wax Trax! Singles anthology
1988 Front By Front Wax Trax!
1991 Tyranny >For You< Epic Peaked at number 95 on the US Bilboard 200
1992 Live Target Guzzi Live album
1993 06:21:03:11 Up Evil Epic Peaked at number 166 on the US Billboard 200
1993 05:22:09:12 Off Epic
1994 Live Code Play It Again Sam Live album
1995 Mut@ge.Mix@ge Red Rhino Europe Remix album
1998 Re-Boot:Live '98 Metropolis Live album
2003 Pulse Metropolis Peaked at Number 20 on the US Dance albums chart
2008 Moments...1 Alfa Matrix Live album
2013 Transmission SE91 Minimal Maximal


Year Title Label Notes
1981 Principles New Dance
1981 U-Men New Dance
1985 No Shuffle Another Side
1986 Interception Wax Trax!
1987 Masterhit Wax Trax!
1988 Commando Wax Trax!
1988 Headhunter Red Rhino Europe, Wax Trax! Peaked at Number 13 on the US Dance chart
1989 Never Stop! Red Rhino Europe, Wax Trax! Peaked at Number 21 on the US Dance chart
1990 Tragedy >For You< Red Rhino Europe, Epic Peaked at Number 18 on the US Alternative chart and Number 11 on the US Dance chart
1991 Rhythm Of Time Red Rhino Europe, Epic Peaked at Number 11 on the US Dance chart
1993 Animal Red Rhino Europe, Epic


Year Title Label Notes
1983 Endless Riddance Wax Trax!
1983 Two In Once New Dance
1984 Live In Chicago Included with early copies of 'No Comment'
1985 Politics Of Pressure Wax Trax!
1991 Mixed By Fear Red Rhino Europe
1993 Angels Versus Animals Red Rhino Europe
1993 Religion Epic Peaked at number 43 on the US Dance chart
1998 Headhunter 2000 Metropolis 4 CDs & 1 'Golden Masters' EP
2003 Still And Raw Metropolis

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