Artist: AJG, Exampl & Tha Young'N

Date Release: June 11th, 2007

Label: SB Records

Produced By: Exampl


A EP compilation of the SB Record disses towards San Antonio rap group Wolf-pac (Black Ice, Crimson, Skip & Ill-Tactics)

The only single released was "The End Of All Disses".

Track listingEdit

  1. The End Of All Disses (The Young'N & AJG)
  2. Exampl Wolf-Pac Freestyle (Exampl)
  3. Crimson Diss (The Young'N)
  4. See Him Sittin' Low (AJG)
  5. As Real As It Gets (Exampl)
  6. FagPack Freestyle (The Young'N)

Previous ReleaseEdit

Stuntin' Iza Habbett

Next ReleaseEdit

Show Me My Opponent

Further ReadingEdit


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