Fun Boy Three was an offshoot of the British ska band The Specials , Lynval Golding consisting of Terry Hall and Neville Staple. During their short existence (1981-1984) they were extremely popular in Great Britainand they scored six top 40hits.


[hide]*1 History


Break with the Specials and debut single[Edit]Edit

Fun Boy Three was caused by Hall, Staple and Golding felt themselves inhibited in their creativity. They left the Specials after the No. 1-success of Ghost Town and names manager Rick Rogers with it. The music was less ska and more pop, but without the (political) message in mind. To make it clear that the Funboys another rate went, the rudeboypakken and slit hats exchanged for (sporty) casual wear and other hairstyles;Hall now had a bleached Palm tree hairstyle, Golding a afro and Staple dreadlocks.

Right after the remainder of the Specials had gone apart, appeared the first single from his new vocal group Fun Boy Three. The lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum was harshly criticized because the number would be offensive for (ex-) psychiatric patients, but also managers and their family members. Nevertheless, it became a hit in England.

Cooperation with Bananarama[Edit]Edit

With the successor It Ain't What You Do (it's The Way That You Do It) broke his new vocal group Fun Boy Three on the beginning 1982 European mainland by. This single was a collaboration with Bananarama that also on three other songs from the debut album was heard and the most successful girl group in the next few years of the twentieth century (along with The Spice Girls) would grow. In return, was asked by Bananarama Fun Boy Three to work on their single Really Saying Something; also this song was a big hit for year 1982. However, plans to go on tour had to be postponed because Golding was taken the hospital seriously injured.

Second album and Fungirls[Edit]Edit

Early 1983 appeared the second album Waiting, produced by David Byrne of Talking Heads. It would be drawn up to five singles; The Telephone Always Rings (about people who think they are popular), The More I See The Less I Believe (on the Irish matter), Tunnel Of Love (about the disadvantages of marriage), Summertime (George Gershwin) and Our Lips Are Sealed (written by Terry Hall and Jane Wiedlin is by Motown girl group The Go-Go's out there in 1981 in own country a no. 1 hit with it scored).

Finally the Funboys went on tour; they were accompanied by female musicians and used Ghost Town as attendance number. That was not, because Gangsters came in the Encore and you're Wondering Now over.Rockpalast concert recordings made In Germany and Pinkpop May 23, 1983 was done to them.

End of an era[Edit]Edit

Despite the great successes hits singer Hall lost his interest in the Group and he decides a new road. After returning from an American tour is Fun Boy Three the end of 1983. Terry Hall begins then along with singer and guitarist Ian Broudie (now of The Lightning Seeds) the group The Colourfield. Also this group existed only three years and scored several hits in Britain, but has never surpassed the success of his new vocal group Fun Boy Three.

In 2008, Hall, Staple and Golding gathered again as members of the original Specials-occupation (however without keyboardist/bandleader Jerry Dammers).


  • 1982- Fun Boy Three
  • 1983- Waiting
  • 1981-"The lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum"
  • 1982-"It Ain't What You Do (it's The Way That You Do It)" (with Bananarama)
  • 1982-"Really Saying Something" (with Fun Boy Three Bananarama) (1982)
  • 1983-"The Telephone Always Rings"
  • 1983-"Summertime"
  • 1983-"The More I See The Less I Believe"
  • 1983-"Tunnel Of Love"
  • 1983-"Our Lips Are Sealed"

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