Artist: Andy Partridge

Date Released: July 7, 2003

Label: Ape House

Produced By: Andy Partridge


  1. Tunes
  2. Bumpercars
  3. The Art Song (Something Good With Your Life)
  4. I'm Playing My Fano
  5. Zonked Right Out (On Life)
  6. All I Dream Of Is A Friend
  7. Peck The Ground Like A Chicken
  8. That's Really Super, Supergirl
  9. Brainiac's Daughter
  10. Blue Beret
  11. Gangway, Electric Guitar Is Coming Through
  12. Mechanical Planet
  13. Helicopter
  14. The Ugly Underneath
  15. OMGO
  16. Where Is Your Heart?
  17. Hey, It's Alan Burston!
  18. Season Cycle
  19. Countdown To Christmas Party Time

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