Artist: Blanche

Album: If We Can't Trust The Doctors...

Appears On (Mixes): Dub Club: Matt's 2005 Best Of -- Streets Named For New England Trees

Song Notes: Dub Club: Matt's 2005 Best Of -- Streets Named For New England Trees: Outside of "Jack On Fire", this is probably my favorite cut from the debut Blanche album If We Can't Trust The Doctors. It's pretty much a straight-forward alt. country song, but I like a lot of straight-forward alt. country songs, so there you go. Amusing lyrics on this one. Speaking of which, as I always pretty much mention whenever Blanche comes up, the lead singer/songwriter, Dan John Miller, played Johnny Cash's guitar player in the recent film Walk The Line. So how 'bout that? -Rev. Syung Myung Me

Revme.Vox.Com: There's a new Blanche EP coming out in a month, which is great! This is from their first (and currently—but not for long—only) album, If We Can't Trust The Doctors..., and it's a really outstanding record. Blanche also puts on a really good live show as well. This is one of my favorites from the album—cool lyrics, and a really great sound, too. I'm not sure what else I really got to say about it though, heh. I gotta leave for work in a little bit here anyway. So enjoy! - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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