Geier Sturzflug is a and is originally from Bochum -based Neue Deutsche Welle Band. The band was founded in 1979 doord Friedel Geratsch which is also the singer is. Although the name of the band is not a parody on the group that is often thought Elster Silberflug .

The most well-known was the group in 1983 with the song Bruttosozialprodukt. This song was originally in 1977 by Friedel as the duo Geratsch and Reinhard Baierle Dicke Lippe released. The song was a big hit in 1983 not only in Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland. Also in Netherlands, the song was a hit. In France , the song was covered by the French group under the title PNB Nanard (produit national brut).

Other famous songs were Besuchen Sie Europe (1983), Pure Lust am Leben (1984) and Einsamkeit (1984). In 1986 the band performed for last on.

However, the band made a new start In 1996 which Friedel Geratsch together with Carlo von Steinfurt, likewise under the name Geier Sturzflug, a tour with old and new songs in the German speaking countries made.

cover of the song Pure Lust am Leben was released under the title who Lust am Überleben sung by the participants of the TV Show Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich here raus what song in 2004 on the 17th place in the German hit parade was.

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