Artist: General Patton vs the X-Ecutioners

Date Released: February 8, 2005


Produced By:


  1. X-Men Doctrine and Declaration: Target=40:40:11N 73:56:38W
  2. General P. Counterintelligence: Target=37:47:38N 122:33:17W
  3. ¡Get Up, Punk! 0200 Hrs. (Joint Special Operations Task Force)
  4. Roc Raida: Riot Control Agent/Combat Stress Control
  5. Improvised Explosive Device 0300 Hrs.
  6. ¡Vaqueros y Indios! (Joint Special Operations Task Force)
  7. Precision Guided Needle-Dropping and Larynx Munitions (PGNDLM)
  8. Duelling Banjo Marching Drill
  9. Battle Hymn of the Technics Republic
  10. ¡Fire in the Hole! 0400 Hrs. (Joint Special Operations Task Force)
  11. Convulsive Antidote for Nerve Agent Autoinjector (CANAA)
  12. Modified Combined Obstacle Overlay (MCOO) ...or... How I Learned to St
  13. Surprise Swing Insurgency/Tabla and Tongue Twist Counterattack/Dragon
  14. ¡Kamizake! 0500 Hrs. ("Take a Piece of Me")
  15. We'll Paint This Town -- Throat and Phonograph Fire Support Coordination
  16. Imitative Electromagnetic Deception (IED)/Digital Nonsecure Voice Terminal
  17. A.W.O.L. Block Party Brawl 0600 Hrs.
  18. Eastside Multichannel Tactical Scratch Communications (EMTSC)
  19. Pimps Up, Aces High! 0700 Hrs. (Westside Swashbuckling Parade)
  20. Warcry/Infrared R'n'B Hallucination/Jungle Operations Exfiltration System
  21. L.O.L. - ¡Loser on Line! (Hate the Player, Hate the Game)
  22. Low Altitude Vocal Parachute Extraction System (LAVPES)
  23. Battle Damage Assessment and Repair/White Flag Surrender/Wake Me Up in


Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Kaada/Patton) is back again, and who is his latest collaborators? Well the X-Ecutioners, who else would he choose? So east coast meets west coast as these to vastly different artists trade one crazy ass sound after another. Patton takes care of the whacked out vocals and a lot of the composition as the X-Ecutioners, Rob Swift, Mista Sinista, Roc Raida and Total Eclipse, take turns scratching, spinning and completely destroying each track. Sounds jump from Latin to Jazz, bluegrass to soul, sixties psychedelic to swing… it is really quite ridiculous. Most songs are pretty short snippets piled with sounds, but there are a few longer cuts and even a single or two. I’m sure this takes a certain type of listener to dig, and I’m also sure you know who you are so enjoy the General’s genius antics. Michael Ardaiolo