Generasi Biru
Slank 004
Studio album by Slank
Released December 1994
Recorded May 1994 at various unusual location in West Java and Jakara, Indonesia
Genre Rock, Pop
Label PISS Record, Virgo Ramayana
Producer Slank
Slank chronology
Piss Generasi Biru Minoritas

Generasi Biru is Slank's fourth album but also the first album produced by Slank. The recording was taken in various uncommon places for recording. Six songs were recorded at Pondok Nurul bungalow in Cipayung, two songs were recorded in a suburban house in Cibubur, and the rests were recorded at Parah Studio.

Album TaglineEdit

anak muda
kurang ajar..

the youth
reckless, sloppy and ignorant

Track ListEdit

  1. Kamu Harus Pulang
  2. Terbunuh Sepi
  3. Serba Salah
  4. Blues Males
  5. Nggak Perawan Lagi
  6. Hey … Bung!
  7. Reaksi
  8. Feodalisme (Warisan Kompeni)
  9. Birokrasi Compleks
  10. Pisah Saja Dulu
  11. Generasi Biroe


After three albums contract with former producer, Boedi Soesatio, Slank began to produce their own album in 1994. They want to make their album unique and indifferent from their competitors by recording outdoors in various unusual places for a recording studio. They decided to make a recording in a common house.

Pondok Nurul bungalow in Cipayung, West Java was the first target of place to compose, records and arrange the songs. The cool and silence atmospher had forced them to make those soft melancholic and peaceful songs.

Six recorded song has been made, they move to a suburban countryhouse in Cibubur, West Java. The crowded atmosphere and mosquitoes attack made them stress and only can make two songs in this place. They then moved to Parah Studio, Potlot Alley - South Jakarta.

In this Studio they finalised the album recordings.

All music and vocals was recorded using Alesis ADAT.


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