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  • Geoff Farina

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When you think of indie-rock’s premier singer/songwriters names like Elliott Smith and Ted Leo immediately come to mind, but most of the time Geoff Farina seems to go by unnoticed. Most notably known for his jazz influenced indie-rock group Karate along with the Secret Stars, his more folk-based collaboration with Jodi Buonanno, Farina has been active in the independent music scene throughout the last 15 years (mostly working with Chicago’s Southern Records). His solo efforts have been a comfortable cross between the groups, a somewhat romantic pairing of Farina’s unobtrusive voice and his loosely played electric guitar. While his singing voice may be what initially attracts listeners, his semi-abstract lyrics and unconvential song structures keep the audience repeatedly coming back for more. Like all good songwriters, Farina's appeal is his ability to couple mystery with confession; each song takes an individual meaning of its own in the context of the listener. 1998's Usonian Dream Sequence set the pace for most of his solo work, a very sparse and simplified approach to the sound he had coined with Karate and Secret Stars, save an instrumental record called New Salt recorded with Luther Gray of Tsunami and Dan Littleton of Ida.





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