Full Name: Sir George Martin

Born: January 3, 1926

Home: London, UK

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  • Piano
  • Producer
  • Arrangments




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Perhaps the most important component of The Beatles' records, producer/arranger extrodinaire George Martin worked with them to get the kinds of sounds they wanted, writing the orchestral arrangements and working on getting the right sounds out from what they had, be they alternate takes or Paul McCartney humming. After the Beatles broke up, he was able to leverage his fame to become one of the first free-agent record producers and worked with many other artists, typically of the rock and pop genres, even though he cut his teeth doing Classical records and Comedy records for Parlophone. Unfortunately, George Martin's gone deaf, and his last album was the compilation/tribute In My Life, which featured various unexpected people doing Beatles songs -- unfortunately, the album is pretty widely regarded as a mistake, as most versions are pretty terrible.





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