Artists: AJG

Song: Get Dis Money

Album: Day N Tha Lyfe

Date Released: 03/25/08

Produced by: Exampl

Label: SB Records


Get Dis Money is the official 2nd single from AJG's album Day N Tha Lyfe. It was officially released March 25th 2008. The video was done in a censored version as to the version AJG has been using during performances the pass month.

CD SingleEdit

  1. Get Dis Money (Dirty)
  2. Get Dis Money (Clean)
  3. (What I'm Doin') Gett'N Money


The video was to look alot like the previous Flyboi video with the green screen effect idea. AJG says he wanted to keep it original but he also made it better with one background that changes colors from red to blue, green to orange, purple to yellow and etc. The video was released the same day as the song and the album itself, 3/25/08.


The chart positions for this song have become AJG's first song not to premiere #1 in sub-genre (only debuting at #2) let alone debuting at #175 on the main genre, however, on it's 2nd day it managed to hit top 100 making it a top 100 soundclick hit song automatically.


AJG has said he is trying to get a remix toghther with Young Cash due to the fact that he was originally supposed to be featured.

Previous SingleEdit

When The Clip Stops

Next SingleEdit

(What I'm Doin') Gett'N Money

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