Get Up on the Raft
Studio album by Liam Lynch
Released March 25, 2008
Recorded 2007 - 2008
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 47:20
Label 111 Productions, inc.
Producer Liam Lynch
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Get Up on the Raft
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Get Up on the Raft is an album by recording musicain Liam Lynch. It is his seventh solo album (including the Lynchland albums) and his ninth album overall. It is one of his most "serious" work as of yet.


In the Lynchland episode, "Viewer Mail 10", Liam announced that he would be releasing two albums. The first was a digital re-issue of his 2002 album We're All Nighters. The second was a new album, named Get Up on the Raft. They were both released on March 25, 2008. Afew videos for the album appeared in Lynchland, such as "I'm Not Ready" and the title track. The album was well-recieved by fans.

Album ConceptEdit

The album is a loose concept album about Liam's past relationships. This is his first "serious" album in over four years scince 2002's We're All Nighters. Because of this, it was very well-recieved by Liam's fans. The track "Safe and Nowhere" was written about the morning after a break-up, where Liam is staying in bed. This was mentioned during one of the "Viewer Mail" episodes.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Get Up on the Raft
  2. Hit Me Again
  3. Demoltion
  4. I Came to Fall
  5. Tracing the Shap
  6. The Wind
  7. Rivers Slip
  8. It's Not Over
  9. Things Have Changed
  10. Let's Shine
  11. I'm Not Ready
  12. Light of Day
  13. Exhibit
  14. Safe and Nowhere
  15. You're an Arrow


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