Gheorghe Zamfir (Găești (Romania), 6 april 1941) is a virtuoso Romanian pan-flute player. He was initially self-taught and continued his training at the Conservatory of Bucharest, where he was a pupil of Fănică Luca, and at the Conservatory of Bucharest (1968).

Zamfir gained notoriety among the general public when he was discovered by Swiss ethnomusicologist Marcel Cellier, which did an in-depth study in the 1960s to the Romanian folk music.

Zamfir pan flute has the fame given to the modern public and largely contributed to this old instrument to oblivion was wrested. He has a lot of plates with music, and his song The Lonely Shepherd is played inQuentin Tarantino's film Kill Bill Vol. 1. The song had previously been a big hit on the theme of the television series The abandoned mine (Golden Soak). Also provided a contribution to Ennio MorriconeZamfir's music for Sergio Leone's film Once Upon a Time in America. In addition to many traditional Romanian folk songs has also the from the Andean region Zamfir styled Melody "The flight of the condor" (El cóndor pasa) worldwide fame given.

Zamfir has lived for decades in the West, but is returned to Romania a few years ago.

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