Gilla (BornGisela Wuchinger27 February 1950 in Linz) is an Austrian singer. She appeared first in her father's band on Niki Wuchinger . She then studied in Salzburg and sang in the band Traffic and later in Seventy-five-music.

Then came in contact with the German producer Frank Farian and released several singles out. Striking was her raw voice that fit very well with the sexy and sultry songs that Frank Farian produced for her. (for example, the German version of Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (Lady Marmalade)). Her biggest next issue was the single Tu es! (1976). other known songs Bend me shape me were (1978) and We gotta get out of this place .

She performed with a band consisting of five men, two guitarists and a saxophonist. Furthermore, a drummer and a dancer who both were dark. In the song ' We gotta get out of this place ' he danced on roller skates.Gilla itself also played on a guitar.

After the birth of her daughter Nadja was the a while quiet around Gilla. She is married to Helmut tenets of his that came with Frank Farian was employed. Under the pseudonym g. Winger she wrote the number I see a boat on the river (a top 10 hit for Boney M.). Later, she was also in the background involved in the group Milli Vanilli. Nowadays she lives in Braunfels in Hessen and occurs only on occasions on yet.

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