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Gina G (Brisbane (Queensland), 3 August 1970) is an Australian singer, her real name is Gina Mary Gardiner.

Gina G became known when she won the Great British Song Contest with the song Ooh aah ... Just a little bit, this profit earned her a ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest 1996 in Oslo. She appeared as one of the favourites at the start, but finished in 8th place. That year there was a preselection to indicate the European countries; 29 countries competed for 22 tickets. There was Gina 3rd. This was published only after the Eurovision song contest not to influence the vote. After the eighth place, she had a number one hit in the United Kingdom and bite they even scored a worldwide hit. I belong to you also the successor was a success.

They collapsed on a flight to Glasgow and there were rumours that she was a drug addict. She disappeared a few years out of the spotlight and filed a lawsuit against her former manager. She continued to record music but brought nothing out.

In 2000 she released a cover of "These boots are made for walking Nancy Sinatra's, but the single didn't get much media attention.

In 2003 , she was again in the spotlight in the reality show Reborn in the USA, along with 8 other former stars (including Sonia (ESF 93) that were not known in America. Every week someone fell off and the American public voted massively for Gina G in the first episode, which she also won. In the second episode, however, they had to settle for last place and she could deal with her bags.

On 7 december 2003 married Gina with Charlie Watson.

In 2005 she was one of the candidates by Making your Mind up, and she did a new stab at the song festival. Unfortunately for her, she was last.


[hide]*1 discography



  • 1992 "Love The Life"
  • 1996 "Ooh Aah ... Just A Little Bit "
  • 1996 "I Belong To You"
  • 1997 "Fresh!"
  • 1997 "Ti Amo"
  • 1997 "Gimme Some Love"
  • 1998 "Everytime I Fall"
  • 2004 "Ooh Aah ... Just A Little Bit "(2004 Remix)


  • 1997 Fresh!
  • 1998 Gina G Remix Album
  • 2003 Reborn In The USA
  • 2005 Get Up & Dance

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