Artist: The Young Fresh Fellows

Date Released: 1992

Label: 1+2

Produced By: Conrad Uno, The Young Fresh Fellows, Butch Vig


  1. Party Town U.S.A.
  2. I Got My Mojo Working (And I Thought You'd Like To Know)
  3. Down By The Pharmacy
  4. Heaven And Hell
  5. You Call That Lonely?
  6. I Want To Be Your Driver
  7. Rotation
  8. Go Go Gorilla
  9. Stinkin' Drunk
  10. Little Trip To Heaven (On The Wings Of A Boar
  11. On Your Hands
  12. Grand Canyon Line
  13. Skyscraper Of Facts
  14. Miniskirt
  15. In A Furniture Warehouse
  16. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
  17. Topsy Turvy Theme


It's really a pity that the rarest Young Fresh Fellows album is one of the most essential. It's a odds-and-sods type collection, culled from some various 7"s as well as studio outtakes, Beans and Tolerance and what-have-you, although the real gems of this are the Chuck Carroll era stuff re-recorded with the Kurt Bloch lineup, made way-more fast and rockin'. This is just an outstanding compilation. It's very pricey, though, as it came out on an indie Japanese label, like, 15 years ago. However, if you see this pick it up. This goes double if it's relatively cheap, as if that's the case, the seller probably doesn't actually know what it is! This is totally essential. Even if you have the 7"s that make up a some of it. So essential. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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