Artist: Motormark

Appears On: Pop:up

Appears On (Mixes): I'm a Wound and a Sword, A Victim and an Executioner

Song Notes: As I mentioned last time, Motormark opened for bis' last ever show, and after seeing them mentioned, I decided to check them out, they they're pretty cool, really. This is from their first album, Pop:up. Neither album has been released over here—not sure if they ever really will be, though, but I have seen the Pet Shop Boys tribute record they're on over here, so at least they've got SOMETHING out over here, I guess. They're not the best band in the world, but they're pretty fun, and they seem to be a cut above a lot of Electroclash bands—although I've ranted on Chicks On Speed and their seeming propensity to just putting out Top Ten over and over again only minus the wit, point, humor and British Accent. And don't even get me started on Peaches. Blegh. (I guess Ladytron are classified as being in the Electroclash bin sometimes, but, I don't know if I really agree; their records sound a bit different than a lot of the Electroclash stuff I've heard. I suppose I should like a genre of music so half-assed, but…) - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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