Artist: Near the Parenthesis

Date Released: 2006

Label: Music Made by People

Produced By:


  1. San Marco
  2. Salt Lake
  3. March - September
  4. This Is It, You Are Lost
  5. The Evasion Of Like
  6. Anon Distant
  7. Other Evasions
  8. I Remember It Differently
  9. Geitl
  10. Fraun
  11. Must Every Path Cross?
  12. This Is It, You Are Here
  13. Under Lights


Music Made by People is a tiny Toronto label quietly releasing excellent minimal electronica and quickly making a name for themselves. Their latest offering, ‘Go Out and See’ from musician/producer Tim Arndt aka Near the Parenthesis continues this trend with a gentle album of ambient techno and micro-electronica. There is nothing too overtly notable about the record, just a well-developed blend of subtle melodies, fragmented beats and a number of warm pads and brooding synths. On occasion the sound intensifies with dissonance, but never for too long or with too much noise, and then quietly fades away as gently as it came. Any fans of Carpark, the more ambient side of Ghostly International or artists like Boom Bip and Loscil should dig this record. Mpardaiolo

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