God Save the Queen "is a song by the Sex Pistols. It comes from the album Never Mind the Bollocks, here's the Sex Pistols. The title of the song comes from the English national anthem God Save The Queen. It is the most famous song by the Sex Pistols and is seen as classic punk song.

The song reached the 2nd position in the UK Singles Chart. The song was released during Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee in 1977. It was actually the best-selling single at that time, but was kept out of the first place because the number was given on the offensive and there was criticism English reign.

In 2002 , the song was, on the occasion of the 50th Jubilee of Elizabeth II, re-released.

In 2007, 30 years later, NME launched a campaign to the single still on number 1 on the UK Singles Chart . The song reached only the 42nd position.

In June 2012 was a copy of the A & M Recordsversion of the single (b-side: "No feeling") for more than 19,000 dollar sold through eBayVirgin Records with the version of the b-side to the song "Did you no wrong" is the version that is most in circulation.

In 2001 the British band Motörhead from a cover of the song. The music video was directed by former MTV host Vanessa Warwick.

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