Godsmack is an American alternative metal band from Lawrence, Massachusetts, formed in 1995. The band is composed of founder, frontman and songwriter Sully Erna, guitarist Tony Rombola, bassist Robbie Merrill, and drummer Shannon Larkin. Since its formation, Godsmack has released six studio albums, one EP (The Other Side), four DVDs, one compilation album (Good Times, Bad Times... Ten Years of Godsmack), and one live album (Live and Inspired).

The band has had three consecutive number-one albums (Faceless, IV, and The Oracle) on the Billboard 200. The band also has 20 top ten rock radio hits, including 15 songs in the top five, a record number of top ten singles by a rock artist.[1]

Since its inception, Godsmack has toured on Ozzfest on more than one occasion, and has toured with many other large tours and festivals, including supporting its albums with its own arena tours. Godsmack has sold over 20 million records in just over a decade. In honor of the band's success and the release of their sixth studio album, 1000hp, Mayor Marty Walsh has declared August 6 as "Godsmack Day" in the city of Boston.[2]


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Current band members[Edit]Edit

Former band members[Edit]Edit

  • Lee Richards- guitarist(1996 – 1997)
  • Tommy Stewart- drums(1997 – 2002)
  • Joe D'arco- drummer(1996 – 1997)


The band was formed in February 1995. After Sully Erna 23 years behind the drum kit had been sitting, he decided to start a new band in 1994. Less than a year later were added the following band members: Robbie Merrill, Tony Rombola: lead and Lee Richards.

Their debut album All Wound Up was released in 1997 and was released.

In Godsmack got nominated for a 2002 Grammy Award in the category Best Rock Instrumental Performance with the song from the album Awake Vampires.

In 2004 the band was support act for Metallica and in the summer that year, Dropbox in their supporting Act. That year they gave still acoustic performances after the release of the ep The Other Side, also in the Act for Metallica. In september 2004, they released the live-dvd from Changes .

The album IV came out in May 2006.

The album is released at the beginning of May 2010 The Oracle . This cd is a single released: cryin' like a Bitch!



Singles and ep's[Edit]Edit

  • 1995: The Scam (Demo)
  • 1997: Whatever
  • 1998: Keep Away
  • 1999: Voodoo
  • 2000: Bad Religion
  • 2000: Awake
  • 2001: Greed
  • 2001: Bad Magick
  • 2002: I Stand Alone
  • 2003: Straight Out Of Line
  • 2003: Serenity
  • 2003: Re-Align
  • 2004: The Other Side (ep with acoustic songs)
  • 2006: Bring It On


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