Artist: Coil

Album: The Ape Of Naples

Appears On (Mixes): Dub Club: HEY! Where's All The They Might Be Giants?! - Matt

Song Notes: This song is WICKED rad. I've just now got into Coil, after seeing their amazing, haunting video for their cover of Tainted Love (which even features Soft Cell's Marc Almond eating a grape!). This is the second Coil song I heard, because I'd read about it and decided I needed to hear it ASAP. See, it's a cover of the theme song to Are You Being Served, only really drastically re-arranged and slowed down—it's really pretty haunting and beautiful, but cutting through just enough to wink is the handful of times when you can make out the lyrics, and they're stuff like "Housewares", since, y'know, the song's basically a list of department store departments. It's so wicked rad. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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