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Golden Earring (until 1969 The Golden Earrings) is a Dutch rock band. The Group was founded on 2 september 1961 , making it the oldest existing rock band from Netherlands and one of the longest surviving bands in the world.


[hide]*1 Background


As one of the few Dutch bands has had major international success, especially Golden Earring because of their hits Radar Love and Twilight Zone and their albumsMoontan and Cut. The band has sold millions of albums worldwide and enjoyed in the 1970s and 1980s an international star status, especially in the United States.Golden Earring takes a dominant position in the Dutch music world in with over 30 gold and Platinum albums.

The band was so far a total of 389 weeks in the Dutch Top 40 , making it the most successful Dutch single artist in that list. In the Single Top 100 and predecessors, the Group has so far scored 60 hits[1]. With 5 in the u.s. Billboard Hot 100 chart positions is also the most successful Dutch Golden Earring act in America, with Twilight Zone they scored in 1982 even a number one hit in Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks. Total ended up six singles and eight albums in the leading lists of Billboard. The band explained ten extensive tours throughout North America and five by Great Britain. Also on the Mainland of Europe was often toured, especially in Germany, where the Group last toured in 1990-1991, but still regularly occurs.

Golden Earring has a status as one of the world's oldest rock bands (founded 1961). The current occupancy is non-stop active since 1970, a virtually unique fact in the international rock world. In 2009, Golden Earring in England with his comeback concerts in Londonand Ipswich . Summer 2011 was the latest album from the band recorded live in London, with producer Chris Kimseywho among other things has worked with the Rolling Stones . In October 2011, TNT Post released a special stamp on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the band, and there is an exhibition at the the Hague historical Museum. In 2011 it is exactly half a century ago that the precursor to the Golden Earring was established, even though the band prefer 1965 as their ultimate creation year sees because when their first single came out Please Go . 11 may 2012 in the Amsterdam Paradiso Hall was the release of Tits 'n Ass, the latest album and a number 1 hit album. Tits 'n Ass is the fifth album by Golden Earring that has reached the highest level in the chart.


The current line-up of the band is as follows:


The beginning (1961-1965)[Edit]Edit

Golden Earring is started in 1961 as The Tornados in the Rustenburg/oostbroek district near the zuiderpark in Den Haag. Thirteen-year-old George Kooymans just loves to play the guitar and finds a counterpart in his boy next door Rinus Gerritsen. From 1962 they provide along with Fred van der Hilst (drums) and Hans Venter (guitar) as The Golden Earrings, named after the song Golden Earrings in the version of the English band The Hunters, regular appearances on in particular schools in the Hague. The band plays in the period 1962/63 mainly covers of The Shadows and The Ventures. Leaves the band in late 1963 Hans Venter and is succeeded by Peter the round. In the summer of 1964 French Kalam comes as lead singer with the band and drummer Jaap Eggermont replaces Fred Vargas in the summer of 1965.

National breakthrough (1965-1968)[Edit]Edit

In may 1965 The Golden Earrings are booked by Jacques Senf for a performance at Club 192. Freddy H touches on battle interested in the group, which now walk the path of the Beatles, and know with a top-notch (Hague) bluff to decorate a plate recording. That he only intern is at record company Polydor and has not had a previous recording studio inside has seen, doesn't matter. Just Earrings is thus the first pop album recorded by a Dutch band. The bands first single Please go is a toptienhit in september 1965. In addition to the unconditional support of manager H is also the role of Veronica-DJ Willem van Kooten (a.k.a. Joost den Draaijer) not to be underestimated. Backed by such strong publicity success is inevitable. For the recordings of successor That Day make the adolescents a trip by ferry to London, where the Earrings in the Pye Studios had booked a shooting day, from dissatisfaction with the Dutch Studios at the time, and also because the manager was not dirty of some stunt. So That Day was the first Dutch pop song that was recorded in the United Kingdom . The single was received as a sensation in 1966 ; immediately after returning home The Golden Earrings appeared on tv when William Duys in his enormously popular talk show off the cuff.Nothing was left to chance to ensure that the highest place in the hit parade would be reached. Just stopped by Michelle by The Beatles is the number not at number one in the Top 40. In the same year there is a legendary 1966 concert rather than The Golden Earrings along with The Kinks. A long string of hits, including the following In My House (1967), Sound of the Screaming Day (1967), Together We live Together We Love (1967), I've Just Lost Somebody (1968), the first number-one hit- Dong-Dong-Ki-Di-Di-Gi-Dong (1968) and Just a Little Bit of Peace In My Heart (1968), a song that George Kooymans wrote to express his feelings about his runaway love Melanie, Rinus Gerritsen's sister. It was a hit and also in terms of love was the hit: like the song showed their love invincible and their marriage followed.

Lonkend to the international success (1969-1973)[Edit]Edit

With their beat music are The Golden Earrings in 1968 in Netherlands to the absolute top. Blessed with excellent feelers for the latest musical twists tends the group in 1968/1969 gently to the rougher rock music.Especially the arrival of singer Barry Hay, which in 1968 French follow, Kalam makes for a heady impulse. With the change of the sound are also the doors opened to the other side of the ocean. Especially with the drawn-out three quarters of the ByrdsEight Miles High classic makes Golden Earring (now without's ') impression in the United States where toured in 1969 is from the East Coast to the west coast. Janis Joplin goes for the band on her knees in The Fillmore West in San Francisco where the Golden Earring furore made. Especially the bass guitar solo by Rinus Gerritsen b attention and gave rise to an attempt by Jimi Hendrix to recruit Michael for his band The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

The new Earring has been heard on the double LP On the Double (1968), the acid-plate Eight Miles High (1969), and the singles " Where Will I Be (1969) and Another 45 Miles (1969). Drummer Earl is now replaced by Sieb Warner in 1970 , which in turn must clean up the field for Cesar Zuiderwijk. Now the complete four-piece from which today still Golden Earring exists. On 18 May 1970 they performed at the first edition of the pop festival Pinkpop to Geleen. The true musical turning point comes with the single Back Home in 1970. The single hit and is on no. 1 in the annual list of the Hilversum 3 Top 30. On the same reads achieves the band hits with Holy Holy Life (1971), She Flies On Strange Wings (1971), Buddy Joe (1972) and Stand By Me (1972). Golden Earring has been touring through Europe In 1972 for The Who. This development contributes to Radar Love, released on Track, the record label of The Who and provide the Dutch rock history a milestone that almost larger than Golden Earring itself.

Rock band of international fame (1974-1977)[Edit]Edit

Radar Love and the LP Moontan (1973) forcing the international breakthrough of the group in Europe; in the United Kingdom and also in the United States finally gets the band a firm foothold, Moontan is even Goldin America. Intensive there toured, with bands such as Kiss and Aerosmith in the program and also there are joint actions with SantanaRushThe WhoLed ZeppelinTed NugentZZ Top and Lynyrd SkynyrdEric ClaptonPink Floyd and several other big names in the music world.

[1][2]Lead guitarist George Kooymans in 1974

At first everything is fixed on the consolidation of the American success. To the full sound of the album is also able to reproduce on stage at the end of 1974 keyboardistRobert Jan Stips attracted. With him makes the Switch the group albums (1975) and the pretentious To The Hilt (1976). He is replaced in the summer of 1976 by guitarist Eelco Gelling prominent on the guitar plate contraband (1976) and excels at Live (1977). Both Gabriel to know if leaving the Earring give Stips because the band the best serves as Quartet.

Free fall (1978-1981)[Edit]Edit

Despite this, there is no appropriate follow-up given to the hitsucces of Radar Love, because the band thought it was better to change, both in terms of image's clothing-musical style. The successors of "Radar Love" are singles as Ce soir (1975), Sleepwalking (1976) and Bombay (1976), but this put not effective. The band knows its position in the United States not to develop consistent and loss-making tours undermine the motivation. Rented limousines turn out for the band's own costs, which are experiencing the financial impact of there years later. Even by Star producer Jimmy Iovine guided album Grab It For A Second (1978) flows into a disappointment. Reason for Gabriel left the band. Golden Earring hits slowly but irrevocably in a freefall. even the fluke "Weekend Love" (1979) know no turning point in the downward spiral. In the time of Punk and New Wave let the albums No Promises No Debts (1979) and Prisoner Of The Night (1980) as the live double album 2nd Live (1981) a band hear that out of touch with the spirit of the times. In America the confusion all the greater because the band is difficult to place into a box in style, and if not neat in a marketing strategy and a format. The record companies and American management don't know what they are at variance with Golden Earring, and the same feeling arises at the radio stations and the public. One can not place the band, making it incomprehensible and then threatens to become what the elusive Golden Earring for a kind of band. No band where it was interesting in investing in business terms, no band that was clearly in the market with advertising campaigns. A band that barely joined the prevailing music styles, was lost and the public no longer could really buoys. It seemed that the band had had its day. The members decided to hack away at and with the Golden Earring.

The resurrection (1982-1985)[Edit]Edit

Just at the time that the band wants to stop after 20 years, makes Golden Earring in 1982 a grandiose comeback with the single Twilight Zone and the LP Cut. The title "Cut" indicated on the cry from the television and film world, where the Director calls "cut" at the end of the recording of a scene. The album was intended as a farewell plate, a final "cut" before it destroyed cloth would fall. During an emotional meeting at home with manager Freddy H asks this the band to not just to throw off but to go out with a stunner of a plate, as the last statement. All four members of Golden Earring would write two songs for this final plate, which then quickly would be ready. George had the song "Twilight Zone" still on the shelf for his solo album, but decided that it was easy to use for the last Earring album.

With unprecedented consequences: even in America saves the plate and is a toptienhit. The song comes In the Billboard Hot 100 at number 10; in the Billboard Rock Tracks at number 1. The accompanying video clip of Dick Maas fits perfectly with the song and is widely played on MTV America that just launched is with corporations. It is one of the first video clips of its kind and partly due to its success on TV and efforts of the then manager Freddy, who as plugger the plate at all kinds of radio stations and DJ's Twilight Zone promotes is the second American Earring hit. A successful tour of the United States is the consequence and no one more stop to think. Also financially the American ' Twilight Zone '-tour a success, if only because Rob Gerritsen (brother of Rinus) travelling together and the two brothers do the accounting. Something called occurs more frequently in bands. Mick Jagger has similarly as singer-accountant prevent an imminent bankruptcy of the Stones.

A year and a half later it is again touch: When the Lady Smiles -just like Twilight Zone accompanied by a handsome by Dick Maas crafted video clip -is the fifth number one-hit for the band in Netherlands. The experimental album N.E.W.S. (1984) also fetches the highest echelons. The Earring circus travels through the United States for their tenth concert series, which carries them through almost the whole of the United States , along forty States, including Hawaii. Meanwhile, When the Lady Smiles ends up in third place in the charts in Canada. This last tour in 1984 is not the success where the Golden Earring on hoped, because the Puritan attitude of broadcastingcensorship in the US is against the band returns with the clip When the Lady Smiles 's thought a Smasher of format to MTV. The clip is completely wears by the Americans but not the so-called rape of a nun to show, making the whole story line of the movie is lost. Also radio stations can nothing with the song because "it fitted in any format on the radio, they could do anything with it," said Barry Hay. The song was hardly played on American radio stations and the censored video was shown on MTV only at night. Barry Hay: "and off we went again, we had to start all over again, so there is no point building, since we had something more in".

As Golden Earring back to Netherlands will find a "Back Home"-concert place in the LeadGroenoordhallen in that recorded was commissioned by MTV America by Dick Maas, an old friend. This concert was an lp/cd released under the title Something Heavy Going Down (live from the twilightzone) with a portion of this concert and a studio recording, the title track "Something Heavy Going Downagain, for which an appropriate clip was turned in which Barry Hay as" future video freak "plays the leading role, something Bono of U2 has seen good and later did himself. This concert is now available on dvd under the title Live from the Twilightzoneand gives a thorough overview of the State of play on musical area of that time within the band. According to experts, include renditions of Twilight Zone and Radar Love during that concert to the best live recordings out there of the band are made of. In 1985, the Golden Earring on during "Europe a go-go", a music festival which was broadcast live on tv across Europe from different locations. The Dutch entry was Golden Earring who acted in the pop temple Paradiso Amsterdam.

Financial and artistic crisis (1986-1990)[Edit]Edit

An indefinable period follows, in which the band almost no longer seems to exist. Cesar Zuiderwijk notes with Jasper van 't Hof the musically interesting, jazzy album Labyrinth on in 1985, a sign on the wall that there is not much to do at that time was at Golden Earring. Yet a year later follows the obscure and The Hole surplus album from 1986, with the toptienhit Quiet Eyes. Producer Shell S seems by saving it in the electronic sampling and to make matters worse, a complete master tape of the strong number Why Do I erased. To make it even somewhat acceptable to make it sound the tape with the inclusion of the backup vocals (backing vocals) used as lead vocals. The backing vocals twice on top of each other was copied to the master tape. As a result, lost the number had almost everything it to power. The band was very displeased and has this capital blunder of S can recover until The Naked Truthduring the first acoustic sessions in 1992, when they again live and unplugged recordings on cd. Quiet Eyes was accompanied by a special video clip with Dolf Brouwers in the lead role, produced by acclaimed Dutch photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn, best remembered as house photographer by, among others, U2Depeche Mode and films such as The American.Also the photos and the cover design of The Hole are by Anton Corbijn. Barry Hay and George Kooymans Ring Records on their own label set up, which hardly resulted in great success. In addition, got the Golden Earring BV a huge tax bill. Due to an attempt to establish BV in Liechtenstein , the band was accused of tax evasion and there followed a RAID of the FIOD. As if that wasn't enough, the band also stood at AgentWillem van Kooten for many tons in the chalk, because of, for example, the clip of costing 100,000 guilders When the Lady Smiles. Golden Earring was as good as bankrupt, but a "Greatest Hits" compilation ofArcade from 1988, light in the darkness and was so successful that there is an extensive tour throughout GermanyAustriaSwitzerland and even the GDR follows: in the summer of 1989, just before the fall of theBerlin wall, entered the Golden Earring on in East Berlin. The concert was jealously watched by party banging, bang if they also then still were for Western decadent influences of pop and rock music. A television appearance for the East German State television was for that reason at the last minute cancelled. Meanwhile, it came by electronics-dominated Keeper of the Flame (1989), on which Cesar Zuiderwijk hardly to be heard. He was replaced by the samples and keyboards by Rinus Gerritsen, who with a Distant Love song ballad adds to his writing career. One of the few politically engaged songs of the Golden Earring is Turn The World Around, that by Dick Maas again by a penetrating and hilarious video clip was foreseen, but the song was not a big hit. The idea that "Turn The World Around" just before the fall of the wall in East Berlin played, excites the imagination and is probably the reason that when scheduled tv performance by the Golden Earring was forbidden by the party leadership. The album Keeper of the Flame in its title that gives the national Dutch pride does not intend to transfer the torch and to keep going, though it will have to the helm for direction more than inspired guitar rock, and so came to pass.

The nineties (1991-2000)[Edit]Edit

Breath can be relieved when Bloody Buccaneers (1991) appears: a refreshing, old-fashioned rocking Golden Earring-plate. The single Going to the Run reached even the top three. This success is largely outweighed by the acoustic album The Naked Truth (1992). Useful inpikkend on the Unplugged-hype in the early nineties, know the best of Golden Earring this concept to crystallize. Renewed international interest is not there but in Netherlands is of The Naked Truth about half a million copies sold. Apart from giving electric concerts does one from 1993 in the acoustic concerts also now performing arts theaters & playhouses.The financial worry that the survival of the group for years have plagued are solved, and all outstanding debts paid off in one operation. Also America appears to beckon as Deep Purple Golden Earring asks to act for a major US tour in 1994. The offer is generous, but is brushed aside. However much the Golden Earring in the United States also wishes to take action, they are simply too busy in Netherlands, and cancelled several gigs posted is out of the question. In addition, George Kooymans and his mates with reason be afraid in the "golden oldies" circuit to end up, even if it is in the States, and then not even if head-liner, but as support act. In 1994 the semi-acoustic Face it, partly building on the great success of "Naked Truth" an album with both unplugged songs as well as some solid electric tracks, that live was recorded in the garage by George Kooymans, with a bunch of friends and family in the crowd. The concept of a live album by the band use tried and tested, which aims the energy of live performance to "catch" on a studio-plate. The recordings sound thereby more spontaneous because everyone plays together, unlike an album where everyone meets his instrument separately and only at a later stage everything comes together in the end mix.The 1995 album Lovesweat only contains covers of songs that have inspired the band ever and sells significantly less. In 1997 it's time for Naked II, again a resounding success. Now spinning Hay and Kale also yarn at the mega-success of their discovery in the late 1990s, Anouk, who is one of the most important Dutch artists may call it. The strong and sound appears In 1999 Paradise in Distress. Continuously In the press commented as a "rock opera in practice". The turn of the century is festively feted with extra long Jubilee concerts and the electronic live double-cd Last Blast of the Century(2000), recorded during these concerts. Of the last Jubilee concert, again in the Leiden Groenoordhallen, also appeared a dvd. It was the first live cd/dvd by the band that was officially released since 1984. Parts of the dvd of the final concert of the century were broadcast by Veronica on new year's Eve 1999. Oudbandleden played back with it, for example Robert Jan Stips, and also there were a gospel vocals and a horn section to give extra listening at all.

A new millennium (2000-2009)[Edit]Edit

In 2000 the band charge a sabbatical year in that concludes with the above forecast selling compilation The Devil Made Us Do It (2000). Less successful is the song Yes, we're On Fire (2000), that Golden Earring as the official tune for the Olympics record. Also pops up a single Miles away from nowhere (2000), that the tune is of the SBStelevision series Bus.

In 2003, the thirtieth album of the band, Millbrook USA, for which all the way to the town of Millbrook, in the North of the State of New York has gone, where United States colleague and friend of the band Frank Carillohas a studio. Carillo plays and co-writes this surprising album end 2009 by readers of the Wegener (media) group daily newspapers and internet sites was voted one of the best records of the ' Noughties ' and came in third place. In the local dinner were the four Earrings really recognized as "the guys from Radar Love", and they gave an impromptu acoustic performance with their two biggest hits "Radar Love" and "Twilight Zone" in which Cesar are out on the bar stools, which he used as drums.

In February 2005 the new acoustic live album Naked III from on super audio cd and as a live dvd (included in the Panama Club in Amsterdam, June 2004). In May of the year 2005 after 28 years the Golden Earring back on plays Pinkpop in landgraaf, for the third time in his career. On 3 september 2005, the band found on the Malieveld in the Hague where they share the stage with Di-rect and Kane during the Beatstad Festival. Together the three bands close the festival with a jam of the Golden Earring song "Back home".

On 3 december 2005, the long-awaited book "Golden Earring". This book was originally an initiative of Karin and Mechteld Beks Golden Earring fans. Publishing House Pictures Publishers has a whopping 384-page book on the lp format on the market. It contains 900 illustrations and many famous photographers work with it, such as Patricia SteurNico van der StamKees Tabak and Anton Corbijn. The book also includes many contributions from oudbandleden, Dutch celebrities and Golden Earring fans like Casper rose (discography section). The book is presented in the Hague Disco Asta for 1000 fans and many invited guests. They see the first copies of the book be awarded to the band by Freek de Jonge. After an hour's play Golden Earring another concert, along with Bertus Borgers and old-Earringlid Robert Jan Stips. In February 2006 the band a success as they for the first time since 1984 (continued from success in Leiden in the Groenoordhallen) to play again in the Ahoy Rotterdam. Of this energetic action is created that opens onto a inakustik dvd, "with free CD", and gives a good picture of a typical Earring concert.

On 2 december 2006, Golden Earring even the honour once again to act in Switzerland in Baselat Z7 club. The band Charter an airplane and because the landing rights on the Swiss airport but perishable is the concert an hour early so that the same plane back is not missed. The Swiss public do not know what they are experiencing and wonders how it is possible that a band that for so long is still so fresh and youthful sounds. Time to enjoy their impact as rock legends have the band members hardly; the plane back do not wait, and also at home in the Netherlands is again with both feet on the floor and go for it.

Also in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam plays Golden Earring on 15 december the roof off it during a private action, and then repeat that trick seemingly effortlessly on 16 december 2006 in the same HMH with which the Golden Earring still proves the absolute top to form in the Dutch pop and rock world.

During december 2006, George Kooymans go blow off steam with good friend and fellow musician Frank Carillo, "Frank the Yank", in America, who also wrote and played on the album Millbrook USA from 2003 and, in 2005, the song "What Cha Gonna Do (When The Levee Breaks)" for Golden Earring wrote. Frank accompanied this song as guest musician during the Ahoy-occur in February 2006.

On 10 June 2007, the band on in Cologne for "Rockpalast", a music show of the German tv channel WDRalso abroad, evidence that Golden Earring is far from forgotten. On 15 december 2007, the band played support act for F during a performance in the Heineken Music Hall, where Golden Earring traditionally her tour each year shut it down.

February 5, 2008 the Group gave a concert in Ahoy. Since singer Barry Hay to Curaçao has moved the band has another schedule to the month in which performances take place and then a month vacation. The number of gigs is so slightly less, but there is now more for large halls, played like Ahoy, where the band also returns in 2011 with a spectacular show.

In september 2008, Barry Hay solo album The Big Band Theory with the Metropole Orchestra from. The cd includes classics, among other things, the Rolling StonesLovin' SpoonfulBlood, Sweat & Tears andRobert Palmer. The album was released on the legendary Blue Note jazz label from New York.

In 2009 the group played alongside their theatre and electric concerts at various festivals including Concert At Sea on the Brouwersdam (80,000 visitors) Appelpop in Tiel (170,000 visitors) and in Dutch largest halls like AhoyHeineken Music Hall, and the Rodahal Rijnhal . Noteworthy were the two concerts in England, in the Shepherds Bush Empire in London and in the Ipswich Regent in March 2009. In London the band returned back into the room where they in the 1970s for the BBC tv recordings had for the famous program The Old Grey Whistle Test. It was the first time since more than 30 years that Golden Earring performed again in the UK , and the comeback tasted like more but the band is not going to run and manager Rob themselves beyond Gerritsen, brother of bass player Rinus, knows the tricks of the trade and keep all offers of foreign promoters and organizers under the microscope. Golden Earring has become a oil machine and also a company well uploaded become true with many people, needs and risks are taken into account. A large foreign tour should be planned carefully and only makes sense if there are also tv and radio performances.

The Earring got in June 2009 a decade Award from the Stichting Nederlandse Top 40. Also the George Baker SelectionBZN and 2 Unlimited were given a Decade Award. From the reference book of the Top 40shows that the four acts in the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties were the most successful Dutch artists.The awards were presented during the launch of the new website received nl.De Earring in 2005 even though Top40. a Top 40 Award as longest noted act in the Dutch Top 40. If all hits of the Hague, the Hague rockers band be added almost 400 weeks noted in the list.

Golden Earring now (2010-)[Edit]Edit

On april 2, 2010 brought George Kooymans together with Frank Carillo On Location from which the plate was well received in the press, and touring Kooymans/Carillo throughout the country. Also the other Earrings do solo trips in the theatre and festival circuit as Cesar with his frivolous drum show Drum beans and Cinnamon sticks.

Also in 2010 and 2011 Golden Earring rows throughout the country in theaters and the largest concert halls, but were there after the traditional large-scale concert in the Rotterdam Ahoy on February 20, 2010 less concerts scheduled. In december 2010, appearances in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam and 013 in Tilburg and WTC Expo in Leeuwarden moved to 2011 due to vocal cord problems by George Kooymans. To 23 april 2011 all concerts canceled a few weeks later, after Kaitlyn voice again was good. The scheduled recording for a new album, which would be embodied in the famous Abbey Road Studios, were also cancelled.

Also on stage was a fuller sound to be able to put down in april 2011, keyboardist and singer Jan Rooymans asked to strengthen the band. He also played on the new studio album by Dutch hard rock band Golden Earring. Later in the summer of 2011 was Tits 'n Ass, this album, recorded live in the State of the Ark Studios in London with the known, among other things, the Rolling Stones producer Chris KimseyTits 'n Ass is the 25th studio album for the Group and, compilations included, their 45th album. This latest studio album was released on 11 may 2012 and is the fifth Studio album that came number one in the Dutch charts.

Importance and influence of Golden Earring[Edit]Edit

Golden Earring is internationally oriented from the beginning. The second single That Day is included in the Pye Studios in London, where also Led ZeppelinRolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix are regular customer. A milestone for Dutch pop music in 1966. For promotional purposes travel The Golden Earrings in 1967 to Stockholm for a weekend to shoot some photos, fun for the teen leaves, and even more fun for the band, which, while in Sweden , but there was no note has played. According to the same recipe, from the sleeve of the manager of the first hour Freddy H, is done to Paris for a photo session with the Eiffel Tower. As the "Beatles on the North Sea" two years later have reached the ceiling of foreign aspirations on the Dutch charts and getting drunk. In the summer of 1969, the year of Woodstock, the year in which the flower power anthem was at its height, leaves the group to the United States for a coast-to-coast tour with performances in the famous Fillmore East in New York City where all the big names in the music world occurred, such asThe DoorsSantanaj. Geils Band and Janis Joplin. Then plays Golden Earring a series of concerts in, among others, The Fillmore West, a still existing famous music club in San FranciscoDetroit's Grande Ballroom, TheVillage Gate in New York and the still famous Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood in Los Angeles. The band was support act for, among other things, Joe CockerB.B. King and John Lee Hooker.Also in 1969, a now legendary concert movie made, including Rinus Gerritsen bass soloists, who also formed a high point during the American concerts. Jimi Hendrix was very impressed by Rinus and wanted him to have in his Jimi Hendrix Experience. Rinus heard here only when Golden Earring has long and wide was back in Netherlands with a baggage full of ideas. They get inspired by The Doors and Led Zeppelin, which can be heard on the album Eight Miles High. Especially the live version of the title track makes an impression. From "Back Home" (1970) let the gentlemen them a new sound hear what the leading Dutch rock band of the early 1970s makes.

In the meantime, writes Kooymans also hits by other artists, such as Earth and Fireand Josh . Around 1970 seems to be the guitarist with his involvement at the heart of the Dutch rock scene. With open for Radar Love his own band the American doors themselves. Again do the tours in the mid-1970s a basin full of ideas that they introduce in Netherlands, as revolutionary sound techniques (for example, quadrofonie). Abroad, they try to follow the latest trends and to maintain their acquired market-which partly succeeds. Golden Earring has between 1969 and 1984 10 large tours throughout the United States done by three months each and has given concerts in more than 40 States; something not so far by Dutch act is matched.

In the 1980s, in particular, gives the show in the field of the then latest development within pop music, the video clipDick Maas directs for "Twilight Zone" and "When the Lady Smiles" groundbreaking films. Golden Earring owes fellow his comeback coming. Musically, the group from the 1980s, rather a trend follower (cfr. the dance rhythm from "the Twilight Zone", rapinvloeden on "N.E.W.S.").

In the 1990s, the pioneering role played through in full. Or are the ' godfathers ' of the Dutch rock, Hay, Kooymans and increasingly in the 1980s and 1990s at the cradle of many a new career. That of Anouk speaks most. Barry Hay and George Kooymans writing songs for her debut album Together Alone, and also produce this debut in Kala ' own studio in RijkevorselBelgium.

Many fellow musicians indicate that they appreciate the Golden Earring, like the Rolling Stones and U2 who often at concerts in Netherlands "Radar Love" play. Iron Maiden 's Steve Harris has been a loyal fan of the Golden Earring and his band has the Earring song "Kill Me (Ce Soir)" covered and on the plate. Also in many commercials and feature films in the Netherlands and the us are numbers of Golden Earring used, usually their biggest international hit "Radar Love", which is played by more than three hundred artists.

In 2008, the song "When the Lady Smiles" one of the campaign songs of Hillary Clinton. Earlier, husband Bill Clinton during the primaries in 1992 in the US hit single "Radar Love" already in use. [2]


[3][4]Miniature Golden Earring in Madurodam

In 2009, Golden Earring a place in Madurodam. Here was to see a performance of a festival site with Golden Earring on the stage. The visitors could choose from three songs by the band: "Radar Love", "Twilight Zone" and "When the Lady Smiles". At the major remodeling of Madurodam in 2012 the Earring had to replaced by Armin van Buuren.

Back Home: 50th anniversary[Edit]Edit

The Hague historical Museum dedicated by 3 september 2011 to 26 February 2012 an exhibition to Golden Earring. [3this exhibition, ' Golden Earring-Back Home ", sketched a picture of 50 years of Golden Earring, on the basis of numerous singles, LPs, posters, t-shirts, instruments and portraits. There was attention to the music itself and also the Hague nightlife in the ' 60s and ' 70s exposed. The exhibition was prepared in collaboration with Museum RockArt. Guest curator was Vikram Sachdeva.

"Golden Earring, The American Dream"[Edit]Edit

The book appears In October 2012 "Golden Earring, the American dream", by author Robert H and Jeroen breed. In the book is detailed how the band from the 1960s trying to conquer America, something in 1974 succeeds with "Radar Love". The highlights and deep valleys are described, partly on the basis of memories of those directly involved, including bass player Rinus Gerritsen.



Album (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Album Top 100

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Just earrings * 1965 -
Winter-Harvest * 1967 -
Greatest hits * 1968 - Compilation album
Miracle mirror * 1968 -
On the double * 1969 -
Eight miles high 1969 06-12-1969 9 10
Golden Earring 1970 05-09-1970 1 (6wk) 31
Greatest hits, vol. 2 1971 07-08-1971 39 5 Compilation album
Seven tears 1971 11-09-1971 2 15
Together 1972 24-06-1972 5 9
Moontan 1973 08-09-1973 2 12
Switch 1975 15-3-1975 3 13
The best of Golden Earring-10 years 20 hits 1975 16-08-1975 1 (1wk) 14 Compilation album
To the hilt 1976 14-02-1976 3 15
Contraband 1976 11-12-1976 12 11
Live 1977 20-08-1977 3 15 Live Album
Grab it for a second 1978 23-09-1978 14 10
No promises no debts 1979 14-07-1979 7 10
Prisoner of the night 1980 04-10-1980 10 8
2nd Live 1981 23-05-1981 3 14 Live Album
Golden Earring's greatest hits 3 1981 - Compilation album
Cut 1982 18-09-1982 1 (1wk) 12
N.E.W.S. 1984 03-03-1984 1 (3 wk) 18
Something heavy going down 1984 01-12-1984 19 9 Live Album
The hole 1986 17-05-1986 10 17
The very best of Golden Earring 1988 26-03-1988 5 16 Compilation album
Keeper of the flame 1989 13/05/1989 10 12
Bloody buccaneers 1991 04-05-1991 3 21
The complete single collection 1992 14-03-1992 13 14 Compilation album
The naked truth 1992 21-11-1992 3 102 Live album/3 x Platinum
Face it 1994 12-11-1994 9 28
Love sweat 1995 16-12-1995 25 16
Naked II 1997 27-09-1997 2 50 Live Album
The complete naked truth 1998 04-04-1998 7 47 Live Album
Paradise in distress 12-04-1999 03-04-1999 4 14
Last blast of the century 1999 15-01-2000 4 16 Live Album
The devil made us do it-35 years 22-09-2000 11-11-2000 2 52 Compilation album
Fully naked 2000 24-02-2001 92 5 Live Album
Millbrook U.s.a. 02-03-2003 01-03-2003 2 12
Naked III-Live at the Panama 25-02-2005 05-03-2005 3 17 Live Album
Collected 03-04-2009 11-04-2009 14 17 Verzamelabum
From heaven from hell 02-03-2012 10-03-2012 85 1
Tits 'n ass 11-05-2012 19-05-2012 1 (2 wk) 29 Gold
Album (s) with chart positions in

the Flemish Ultratop 200 albums

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Tits 'n ass 2012 19-05-2012 55 6 *
Collected 2012 08-09-2012 124 1 *


Single (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Top 40

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Please go * 1965 25-09-1965 10 20
That day * 1966 29-01-1966 2 15
If you leave me * 1966 14-05-1966 9 10
Daddy buy me a girl * 1966 10-09-1966 12 10
Don't run too far * 1966 12-11-1966 14 8
In my house * 1967 01-04-1967 10 10
Sound of the screaming day * 1967 22-07-1967 4 13
Together we live together we love * 1967 28-10-1967 6 8
I've just lost somebody * 1968 06-04-1968 7 8
Dong-dong-dong diki-digi- * 1968 27-07-1968 1 (1wk) 13
Just a little bit of peace in my heart * 1968 16-11-1968 2 10
Where will I be * 1969 28-06-1969 7 8 No. 7 in the Single Top 100
Another 45 miles 1969 13-12-1969 3 9 No. 3 in the Single Top 100
Back home 1970 18-07-1970 1 (5wk) 20 No. 1 in the Single Top 100/

No. 1 in annual list of the Single Top 100 of 1970

Holy holy life 1971 06-02-1971 5 9 No. 3 in the Single Top 100
She flies on strange wings 1971 02-10-1971 4 11 No. 4 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive
Buddy Joe 1972 13-05-1972 4 9 No. 3 in the Single Top 100
Stand by me 1972 23-09-1972 10 7 No. 8 in the Single Top 100
Radar love 1973 25-08-1973 1 (3 wk) 13 No. 1 in the Single Top 100
Instant poetry 1974 27-04-1974 3 9 No. 3 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive
Ce soir 1975 01-03-1975 5 8 No. 6 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive
Sleepwalkin' 1976 24-01-1976 5 8 No. 7 in the Single Top 100
To the hilt 1976 15-05-1976 tip16 -
Bombay 1976 11-12-1976 7 9 No. 7 in the Single Top 100
Just like Vince Taylor/Radar love (Live) 1977 01-10-1977 30 4 No. 30 in the Single Top 100
Movin' down life 1978 14-10-1978 27 7
Weekend love 1979 02-06-1979 3 13 No. 4 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive
I do rock and roll 1979 15/12/1979 29 5 No. 18 in the Single Top 100
Long blond animal 1980 20-09-1980 19 7 No. 15 in the Single Top 100
No for an answer 1980 29-11-1980 tip2 - No. 36 in the Single Top 100
Slow down 1981 13-06-1981 tip19 -
Twilight zone 1982 28-08-1982 1 (2 wk) 10 No. 2 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive
The devil made me do it 1982 25-12-1982 16 7 No. 15 in the Single Top 100
When the lady smiles 1984 11-02-1984 1 (2 wk) 10 No. 1 in the Single Top 100
Clear night, moonlight 1984 21-04-1984 11 6 No. 6 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive
N.E.W.S. 1984 16-06-1984 tip8 - No. 48 in the Single Top 100
Something heavy going down 1984 01-12-1984 33 3 No. 22 in the Single Top 100
Quiet eyes 1986 03-05-1986 9 8 No. 9 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive
Why do I 1986 02-08-1986 tip4 - No. 37 in the Single Top 100
They dance 1986 20-12-1986 tip16 -
My killer, my shadow 1988 12-03-1988 24 5 No. 31 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive
Turn the world around 1989 22-04-1989 10 8 No. 8 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive
Distant love 1989 - No. 73 in the Single Top 100
Going to the run 1991 20-04-1991 3 10 No. 4 in the Single Top 100
Temporary madness 1991 10-08-1991 26 3 No. 32 in the Single Top 100
Pouring my heart out again 1991 23-11-1991 ice skater - No. 51 in the Single Top 100
I can't sleep without you (Live) 1992 21-11-1992 21 5 No. 29 in the Single Top 100
Another 45 miles (Live) 1993 06-03-1993 25 5 No. 23 in the Single Top 100
Long blond animal (Live) 1993 10-07-1993 30 4 No. 23 in the Single Top 100
As long As the wind blows (Live) 1993 20-11-1993 34 3 No. 30 in the Single Top 100
Hold me now 1994 29-10-1994 11 7 No. 12 in the Single Top 100
Johnny make believe 1995 14-01-1995 tip11 - No. 43 in the Single Top 100
Angel 1995 29-04-1995 tip11 -
This wheel's on fire 1996 03-02-1996 ice skater -
Burning stuntman 1997 30-08-1997 19 4 No. 26 in the Single Top 100
The devil made me do it (Live) 1998 17-01-1998 tip3 - No. 62 in the Single Top 100
Paradise in distress 1999 13-03-1999 24 3 No. 29 in the Single Top 100
Whisper in a crowd 1999 14-08-1999 tip7 - No. 74 in the Single Top 100
Miles away from nowhere 2000 - No. 79 in the Single Top 100
Yes! We're on fire 2000 - No. 55 in the Single Top 100
Albino moon 2003 15-02-2003 31 3 No. 16 in the Single Top 100
A sound I never heard 2003 - No. 50 in the Single Top 100
I've just lost somebody (Live) 2005 19-02-2005 13 4 No. 5 in the Single Top 100
Angel (Live) 2005 28-05-2005 tip11 - No. 18 in the Single Top 100
Still got the keys to my first Cadillac 2012 - No. 17 in the Single Top 100
Single (s) with chart positions

in the Flemish Ultratop 50

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Back home 1970 - No. 1 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Holy holy life 1971 - No. 10 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Buddy Joe 1972 - No. 4 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Radar love 1973 - No. 4 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Instant poetry 1974 - No. 7 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Ce soir 1975 - No. 20 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Sleepwalkin' 1976 - No. 13 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Bombay 1976 - No. 4 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Movin' down life 1978 - No. 26 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Weekend love 1979 - No. 9 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Long blond animal 1980 - No. 14 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Twilight zone 1982 - No. 4 in the Radio 2 Top 30
The devil made me do it 1983 - No. 20 in the Radio 2 Top 30
When the lady smiles 1984 - No. 1 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Clear night, moonlight 1984 - No. 13 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Turn the world around 1989 - No. 26 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Going to the run 1991 - No. 27 in the Radio 2 Top 30
What do I know about love 2012 25-08-2012 did *

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number (s) with markings

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
Another 45 miles - - 227 350 262 276 211 202 287 237 227 209 237 221 247
Back home 610 476 585 868 20 ° 766 564 627 845 655 810 719 1011 734 995
Bombay - 707 - 1420 1289 1236 1457 1237 1354 1325 1627 1622 1456 1471 1598
Buddy Joe 1338 1420 1317 1660 1559 1904 1945 1747 1918 1734 1875 1954 - 1922 -
Dong-dong-dong diki-digi-* - 1550 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Going to the run - - - - - - - - 702 - 703 696 648 536 471
Hold me now - - - - - - - - - - - - 1777 1836 1867
Holy holy life - 1497 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I've just lost somebody* - - - - - - 799 616 842 1075 952 1041 1025 1437 1300
Just a little bit of peace in my heart* 254 225 361 218 245 272 257 273 436 282 323 353 392 549 419
Please go* - - 1868 1766 1639 - - - - - - - - - -
Radar love 23 21 21 27 27 12 13 16 23 17 24 16 18 18 24
She flies on strange wings - 374 326 334 361 490 473 414 657 460 570 617 574 709 656
Sleepwalkin' - 1632 - - - - - - 1928 - - - - - -
Sound of the screaming day* 661 896 1075 799 1175 1087 897 981 1425 1079 1075 1024 1160 1766 1371
That day* 1181 1193 1697 1504 1758 1886 1744 1754 - 1912 - - - - -
Twilight zone 155 118 117 141 174 160 171 178 240 167 289 277 259 341 305
Weekend love - 979 795 1181 1303 1037 1369 1144 1345 1203 1522 1582 1444 1714 1552
When the lady smiles 43 52 84 89 98 96 81 111 165 109 136 135 138 177 146

With * released as The Golden Earrings


DVDs with the Dutch Music charts in the Top 30 Date of


Date of




Number Of 


Last blast of the century 2002 30-03-2002 6 10
"Don't stop the show 2002 14-09-2002 4 5
The naked truth 2002 07-12-2002 10 7
The devil made us to do it-35 years-27 clips 2002 14-12-2002 11 14
Naked II 2004 14-02-2004 20 3
Naked III-Live at the Panama 2005 05-03-2005 1 (4wk) 17
Live from the Twilight zone 2005 20-08-2005 7 8
Live in Ahoy 2006 2006 25-11-2006 2 21

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