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Artist: DEVO

Album: Recombo DNA

Appears On (Mixes): Past The Barber and Gymnasium; Dad's Guitar Stuff

Song Notes: On this track, DEVO is in disguise as DOVE, The Band Of Love; their polyester-wearing alter-egos, a parody of televangelists, the 1980s and bands like Up With People all in one. This is a live performance (taken from Recombo DNA, a limited edition rarities compilation), and includes the amusing introduction by Jerry Casale before Booji Boy takes over and sings the song. If it wasn't obvious, it's a take-off on Bob Dylan's then recent conversion to Born-Again Christianity; they change his lyrics a bit, but the general sentiment is the same, at least on the face. I would love to see the tracts that Booji Boy hands out at the beginning of this song. I have no idea what they were; I would assume they were things made by Mark Mothersbaugh, but I don't know for sure. At any rate, though, I would assume they would be hilarious and probably at least somewhat disturbing. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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